23 thoughts on “New avatar…”

      1. Stop That! That picture doesn’t even resemble you. You need to take time to do another nice one like the one of you wielding the pencil. The only thing that has changed is the location of your hair, not how outstandingly cool you are.

  1. Hey… it looks kinda like me when I get lazy with the razor… ; ]

    Looks older than you do in photos though. : ]

  2. …mostly because of the expression, I think, this avatar looks like a balding D, C. Simpson avatar. I’ve seen photos of you both, and you don’t look anything alike, but that expression, and something about the style in which you whipped it out…

    1. Go tell D.C. Simpson that. I’m sure it’ll totally make his day. 😉

      (He and I had a bit of a falling out, and mutually de-friended each other over the weekend. Ah, politics.)

  3. *sigh* I give up….

    Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

    Honestly, I can’t STAND the way I look these days. This face of mine has no character — at least none I’m artistically qualified to find. So here’s a photo-avatar.

    Happy now?

    1. Re: *sigh* I give up….

      Hm. What will improve the way you look, to you? Perhaps you can draw your avatar as you would like to look, not as you do now.

    2. Re: *sigh* I give up….

      Now this avatar I like better–at least it shows you with an intelligent, witty expression. And as for the hair–well, you know what to do about that. 🙂

    3. Re: *sigh* I give up….

      Hey, you put the razor to your face, not me.

      So was it God that asked you to do it, or the conservative males running His church? I keep forgetting… :p

      (no, not knocking Christianity – ’tis my faith, too…)

  4. *Chuckles*


    Be glad you have the mug you have. Believe me there are far worse than you! I mean look at me, I use the Staypuff Marshmellow man as my Avatar. 😉

    Seriously my man, enjoy who and what you are. Just like your politics there’s no need to be apologetic that’s why we like you!

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