jmaynard just bought a permanent account, and donated his spare time to me. Then vakkotaur followed suit. The result? I have something like 9 months of paid account credit now.


Thanks, Jay! Thanks, Vakko!


EDIT… no, I read that wrong. I have a paid account through October of 2006.

Wow. Thanks again, guys!

EDIT… Updated total… Thanks to darthparadox and scrubbo I’m paid through sometime in 2009. Um… wow. I guess I need to create some icons and stuff. Oh, and maybe further donations of Paid Account time should be sent to people who are actually, you know, NEEDY. I’m no longer quite the impoverished LJ-freeloader I used to be. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Woo!”

    1. lol

      At least Howard now has paid LJ action until the alien invasion hits and the nuclear strikes destroy the internet backbone.

  1. What template is this that you are using? How did you get it so it will display even on the “add comments” page?

    1. Customization details…

      Well, on the “Customize Journal” page I’ve selected the following:
      New System (S2)
      (Layout Default)

      I did a very little bit of additional customizations on the “Edit Customizations” page — the most significant was removing the component widgets from the “Friends” page, and changing the link colors so they stood out a bit more.


      1. Re: Customization details…

        It looks like it’s only an option for paid accounts. I can’t make the Schlocktroops community work the same way, and it’s a free account.


  2. *chuckles*

    One of these days, Mr Taylor, you will remember that mentioning stuff infront of us gets stuff flying in…

    Need we remind you of the deluge that was the first anual “Pile under Howard’s dear wife with gifts” day?

    I still say you need to put up SOMETHING for the kids…

  3. Hi Howard,
    Got me a permanent account, if I had any unused time it would be yours, but I was a LJ freeloader. BTW you look better with hair, even a little, guess now I’m paid-up I should post more often.

    Cya Chris.

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