Coolest Schlock reader in the world…

I got this note yesterday in a Paypal donation:

Your Schlock helped keep me sane through my long stay at the South Pole Station. Thanx.

I emailed the donor back to ask, in essence, “are you serious?” I got this reply this morning.

Yup, a year and a day at Amunsun-Scott South Pole Station. Most of time there were no flights in or out. But for a little bit each day we had a satellite connection for web and phone access. Kinda nice to have something to look forward to each day on the web.

So, add an extra continent to the tally of where Schlock is read. Keep up the great work. And stay cool.

He tells ME to stay cool!? This guy was reading my comic IN ANTARCTICA. Incidentally, according to the survey, that puts Schlock readers on all seven continents.


24 thoughts on “Coolest Schlock reader in the world…”

    1. It could happen. Anyone else remember when NPR’s Car Talk got a call-in from a guy who was complaining that the “Grumman delivery vehicle” that he was driving for work had this problem where the engines ran great for the first minute or so — lots of power, but a bit loud — and then just cut out completely?

      (“Waitaminute. Engines? Plural?” “Yep, five of them.” “This isn’t just an ordinary step van, is it?”)

      1. Ah? Didn’t know that. Still, Amunsun-Scott South Pole Station generates 0 hits on google, Amunsen-Scott about five, and Amundsen-Scott about 25300. 😉 Meh I know I’m too picky. *hanghead*

        1. If there’s any doubt that the guy was really there; it shouldn’t be too hard to verify, right? I mean, isn’t there some IP address log that tells Howard where his readers are?

  1. Just wondering ‘o’ do you have a list available to the public? ‘o’
    Wich countries are in there? O:
    Brazil’s on it right? :p

  2. Pun

    I’ve checked back on this posting thread 4 times today just to see if anyone had said anything knew. The last two times they hadn’t. I just now, at 8:21pm PST, got the pun in the title of Howard’s post.


    I hate it when that happens.

  3. hey dude.
    i actually decided to add you and the schlocktroops LJ’s
    i found this news article a week or so ago that is sorta related to this.
    Antarctica party atmosphere heats up
    the vaguely relavent quote from that article is
    “We’ve been normally around minus 20, so if the wind calms down we’ll go for a bit of a swim.”
    its proof that people who live in antartica have a strange sense of Cool.

    you rock BTW.
    Schlock Mercenary is definitely my favourite online comic.
    don’t stop.

          1. Indonesia. I have to wait until August for the new batch of victims… er, uni students, to arrive. That’s what I get for not going home for the holidays.

  4. well

    Well schlock kept me sane in Iraq. Don’t know if I’m the first but I doubt I’ll be the last. I’m sending clippings and links to my soldiers who just volunteered for afghanistan (see them at , my soldiers were spread out from 1st and 2nd squads, I don’t know the guys from the other squads well as they came from different companies.)

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