I got the nap, oh yeah

I got that nap I wasn’t told I couldn’t have. I was out for 2 hours and 15 minutes, and awoke with a seriously fuzzy ability to discern between “real” and “imagined.” That’s how you can tell a nap was a really good one — when your brain has to bootstrap at wake-up time, because everything it had cached, paused, or suspended is suddenly suspect.

You know how, on older, slower machines with too many utilities installed, Windows LOOKS like it’s loaded, but the apps you want to run still have to wait for other stuff to load? That’s how my brain is right now. There are still things loading into headspace as I’m trying to write, and the cranial tools I need for parsing words (and coming up with things like “headspace” and “cranial”) are starved for processing cycles.

I figure that if I wait long enough my head will be clear, but about that time the screensaver will probably kick in and

15 thoughts on “I got the nap, oh yeah”

  1. That kind of sleep is usually good.

    I say “usually” because I was sick with a fever of 102 once, and I was reading Harry Turtledove’s “The Lost Legion” out of boredom.

    Bad idea.

    When you start hallucinating and getting delusional because of your fever, and you’re reading something about a massacre of roman legionnaires…you can see where this is going.

    Never again will I read fantasy or science fiction when sick.

  2. *giggling* Seriously, the world could use more people with humour like yours.

    [completely useless comment about layout]

    *blink* *blink* Hey, look, you changed your LJ layout! Yay for Component!

    [/completely useless comment about layout – I TOLD you it was useless!]

  3. Just wanted to say that the last panel of today’s (monday’s) strip works remarkably well out of context, and might do well on a mug or a t-shirt or advertising banner or something.


  4. *L* Wow, that’s how I feel when I’m awake most of the time these days. Being a new Father and all. Except usually my buffers are overrunning, so there is a constant beeping no matter how many times you hit the keys… you just aren’t going anywhere. So the big question I have is, who the hell is tapdancing on the keyboard?

    You know, I was told to get ahold of you via Email. I take it you get a LOT of email, and that you just haven’t gotten down the list to mine. *squeezes his eyes closed tightly and hopes* I’m sensitive about sending another until I get replies, I hate spamming people who just haven’t gotten around to my mails.


      1. I shall send it again. I may have sent it from Elder_Cabot. It’s not a hotmail address. However, I shall resend it.

        Ahh, clerical errors make an excellent shield for my fragile Ego.

  5. Naps are good

    I’ve taken to sneaking off into an unused office here at work around 3pm for a half hour nap. It usually takes about another half hour to finish rebooting.

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