Bad Credit O.K.

Driving past a new subdivision in Lehi today, I saw a billboard with a short list of people with money problems who could be helped, presumably, by this developer and his generous lenders.

Bad Credit O.K.
Me: hey, that’s nice of them.

Bankruptcy O.K.
Me: Wow… that’s REALLY nice. And maybe fiscally irresponsible.

Self-Employed O.K.
Me: Hang on… *I* am self-employed. How is that possibly worse than BANKRUPTCY!?!?

And now, every time I drive past that billboard, I realize that I’m being subtly insulted. Rest assured, even if I were in the market for a new home, I’d not be considering one in that development. It’s going to be full of bad-credit, bankrupt, self-employed low-lifes.


13 thoughts on “Bad Credit O.K.”

  1. Obviously, people who work for themselves are obviously not talented and driven enough to be able to convince someone else that they’re worth hiring.

    So, who does the developer work for?

  2. Some people who call themselves “self employed” are in fact utterly and completely unemployed, or worse. This is a problem for those of us who actually *are* self employed.

  3. I’ll still be your friend, Howard. I’m not ashamed to have you around.

    (I’m still leaving the porch light off when you come over, though.)

  4. Unfortunately, self employed IS worse than bankruptcy/bad credit, at least in the minds of a lot of lenders.

    It is because of irregular income. Presumably, even people with a bankruptcy at least have a consistent income.


  5. There’s a company (read: lowlife with a computer and a dot matrix printer) offering to provide copies of wageslips etc. They have a mobile phone number, a disclaimer forbidding use of their stuff for anything illegal, and they post flyers on lampposts.
    Hackney. Home of the alternative economy of the country. (They make their own coins here too!)

  6. It’s also a paper work issue. With a regular salary, they can get a good feeling for a lot of people on how much money they make in less than 6 months. With self-employment, that number could be more like a few years to get anything close to a consistant number. Also, there is a huge boat load of ventures that simply fail.

  7. Could be worse…

    It could say Bad credit? OK! Bankrupt? OK! Self-employed? Get out of here, you worthless scum!

  8. Howard Tayler wrote:
    It’s going to be full of bad-credit, bankrupt, self-employed low-lifes.

    Did anyone else besides me think of spammers when they read this quote. (Though, on the bright side, if you get a whole bunch of spammers living togeather, it’s easier to track them down and take them out.

    (wow, I’ve figured out my possibly, but not likely, unique, posting style).

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