CONduit tomorrow — come buy artwork!

I spent the afternoon getting ready for CONduit, sorting through my pile o’ artwork and trying to find stuff suitable for the art auction. Sandra helped a lot, sifting through my pile of “presentable” stuff, and selecting the things that she thought would sell best.

We found a goofy picture I did of Link, from the Nintendo “Legend of Zelda” series of games, and realized it needed a little something. So I took a few minutes and colored it.

This is definitely my favorite of the whole group, and I’m hoping it at LEAST pays for the tank of gas I’ll burn through commuting to and from SLC all weekend. With any luck there’ll be a whole raft of Zelda Zealot Schlockers at the ‘Con, and they’ll start a bidding war. And if not, well, it’ll adorn my office nicely. Patches took one look at it and insisted that it was his. He’s carrying a printout of this scan around the house proudly as I type.


8 thoughts on “CONduit tomorrow — come buy artwork!”

  1. *Squeees fangirlishly at you* I’ll be at CONduit, but I’m flat broke. My dayjob pays squat, and my costuming business isn’t exactly booming. *chuckles* So I’m afraid I won’t be joining the bidding war. Sosad.

      1. Oooooo, really? Heeeeeee art! (No, I’m not normally this hyper, but, but, but CONduit! Tomorrow! And artists and authors and fun stuff, heeeee! Hopefully I’ll manage to keep myself from making a total idiot of myself…)

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