CONduit, Day One (and where I’ll be on Day Two)

CONduit has been fun so far. I’ve not seen much of the convention, but I did find a place to sit and draw pictures. This was good, because I actually got a little work done — about 80% of a Sunday strip is complete, thanks to some quiet time between whipping out sketches for fans.

I’m too frazzled right now to give a blow-by-blow. I will, however, post a scan of the dragon I drew for the Charity Auction.

Most of the dragons you see are in heroic poses, which makes sense, since they are heroic beasts. This one, well… he’s crotchety, and I think we may have caught him in an exasperated search for a contact lens, or maybe a hearing aid. I love the sway-back cow hips I gave him.

Tomorrow I’ll be in the Webcomics panel at noon, and I’ll probably spend inordinate amounts of time at the table outside the gaming room on the 2nd floor. If you want a free sketch, come find me. I’m the non-bearded guy with male-pattern baldness showing through the two weeks of fuzz on his head. Oh, and I’ll have a Schlock shirt on, I’m sure.


9 thoughts on “CONduit, Day One (and where I’ll be on Day Two)”

  1. Hah!

    The splayed rear legs look like he’s fallen on a pond of ice, and his expression says he is *not* happy about it — a “if you make one noise that casts aspersions on my dignity…”


    Good job, H. 😀

  2. Aren’t crotchety dragons …

    supposed to be bald and have a full beard?

    I respect your reasons for the ‘Mr. Clean’ look … but I was so you to the old you.

  3. heh. You woke him up.. In the fray of his waking up, his contact lens fell out, and he managed to slip on the gold he was sleeping on, so now he’s involuntarily doing the splits.. and he’s pissed.

    That’s what I get when I look at it, anyway…

  4. I’d love this as a background image

    This image would be so much fun to have as a background — glaring at my players for me. Any chance of getting it at an acceptable resolution?

  5. Oh, so you *are* growing hair. Ok, that’s cool. It’s just that ‘all bald’ is *so* not you.

    el G

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