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Monday I dropped off the net for a few days. It’s been nice for a number of reasons. Unplugging is important because it demonstrates that being plugged in is NOT. Oh, and apparently while I was gone there were people saying unkind things about me over in Keenspot Central. By the time I found out about it they’d moved on to saying unkind things about each other.

I haven’t bothered to go read it, mind you. By the time I got a connection back I had more important things to do, like play with Sal’s dogs, visit a disc golf course I’d never played before, and read some Ringo.

Quick travelogue: Monday I flew into Detroit, and spent the evening in Dexter, Michigan with Sal Sanfratello and the Aegis crew. Tuesday I slept in and played a round of disc golf at the Hudson Metro Park. It’s easily the best course I’ve played. The grooming is nice, and there is lots of variation from pin to pin.

The course was so nice I went back on Wednesday. It’s a good thing, too, because there’ll be no opportunity to play again this weekend. The weather system that slammed Utah and Idaho earlier this week is going to sock Detroit with rain and perhaps snow this weekend.

Thursday Sandra flew out here to join me, and today (Friday) we kick off Penguicon 3.0. My principal project while here — wrangling Evil Stevie’s Convention Chaos Machine — hasn’t begun yet because the machine hasn’t arrived. It’s due to show up “any minute now,” in Rob Landley’s vehicle, and then I’m going to be suddenly, suddenly busy.

I’m looking forward to it. Vacationing has been nice, and being “off the net” has been nice, but it’s convention time, and that means Game == ON.


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  1. Ahh! I’m just down the street from Hudson Mills! I don’t disc-golf myself, but the park is my favorite spot for biking, rollerblading, and just enjoying the weather. If you’re interested though, there’s a place called CJ’s Party Store that has a bunch of disc-golf gear a only a few (more or less) miles east of the park, at the corner of N. Territorial and Webster Church roads.

    I hope you’re enjoying Michigan (and the Dexter area), though I’m sorry the weather has taken such a down-turn. Snowy/windy/rainy the next couple of days… Maybe it’ll be nicer indoors over at Penguicon.

    In any case, hope you have a great stay!

  2. Dude, that keenspot thread had me alternatively laughing my fool head off and yelling “OH MY GOD!” in horror. It was the single greatest train wreck I think I’ve ever seen.

      1. Bobby had me doing both. I was at first horrified (esp the remarks about wives) and then laughing at the sheer unmitigated pettiness of the whole thing.

        1. Having met both Howard and his wife, I had to calmly walk away from the computer when I first read that to avoid tearing into him (and ending up with a post against Bobby that looked like Bobby had written it.) That post was just nuts.

          1. Yeah, his comments were so bad I had to restrain myself from dignifying them with a response. Hope you don’t mind us not jumping to your defense, Howard (and Sandra — sheesh); seemed like everybody could plainly see he was so far off-base that — damn, I can’t describe his actions without using the words HE used. Grrr!

            Even BoxJam came back around to your defense, sorta.

          2. You know, that trainwreck was almost amusing, especially after Kurtz jumped in and started using his favorite f-word.. and then he and Bobby carried on a flame war. Well, amusing if you like reading SomethingAwful articles.

            At least Schlock has its own forums at the Zoo. 😀

          3. I’m glad you didn’t jump in. Bobby feeds on attention. I’d like to see him starve a little.

            Sticks and Stones simply don’t hurt when they’re aimed so poorly that the miss completely.

  3. hehe

    In light of all of this I find the fact that this:

    has Schlock listed under SciFi. It even points directly to your current location for the comic. Come on, that’s good funny.

    (Yeah, there are lots of possible reasonable answers. I just find the fact that the link even exists funny.)

    1. Re: hehe

      Darn! No edit!

      I meant to say “In light of all of this I find the fact that this (link) has Schlock listed under SciFi to be giggle-inducing.”


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