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  1. Wheee?! Now I have to find that too. Then you’ll shove it in a suitcase and run out the door for a week. I’m tempted to just hop a plane and follow you to wherever it is that your going.

  2. 🙁

    Mr. Tayler, you singlehandedly ruined my weekend.*

    Rather than doing the Analytical Mechanics homework I should have been doing, I read your entire strip so far. It took most of two days. Curse my inability to stop reading it.

    I’m glad you’ve really cut back on 4th wall-esque jokes and narrator references. They bothered me in the earlier strips. Also, I find that the strips have gotten a bit funnier. Day 1 of reading yielded a lot of “that’s meant to be funny, but it’s not” on my part, but Day 2 returned responses along the lines of “that’s mildly amusing” – I even laughed audibly two or three times. All in all, I found the plot enthralling and the characters thoroughly enjoyable.

    *I don’t legimately blame you; if it hadn’t been your comic, it probably would’ve been something else, for I am the master procrastinator.

    1. Re: 🙁

      If you need a support group now that you’re down to one strip a day, you may want to look in on the Nightstar forums or the LJ community “Schlocktroops.” 🙂


      1. Re: 🙁

        Or even worse, I’m at the point of seriously considering going through the entire archive AGAIN, just because I want to refresh the story in my mind since it’s been a couple years now since I read it all. Gah!

  3. forgetting

    This happened to me on “tax day”. I knew my taxes had to be done and mailed out on the 15th. What didn’t click was that FRIDAY was the 15th. So at 4:45 when I got off work I finished my taxes at warp speed and actually managed to get them turned in in time.

    This kind of delay should get its own name. It’s not procrastination because it’s not conscious. So what would it be called?

  4. Missed a curve on the strip…

    Okay, the “boom” that looked like Kevin getting killed was Petey dropping in via his standard sudden deceleration move, the way he takes over obenn ships. I didn’t figure that out from the first strip petey was in (thought it was a ventilation duct), but I’ve got it now. I don’t THINK the younger kevin was hurt by Petey’s arrival, but we haven’t seen him since.

    The “I’m glad I will have thought of this” though… Petey’s had the deceleration trick for months, so that wasn’t int. Petey didn’t come back with them but a data dump of him did, which presumably ennesby relayed, so effectively we’ve got the future petey anyway. I think. Presumably what he’s glad he will have thought of was using that trick to be present when Kevin tries to rescue Tagon, although it was implied that Petey put him in jeopardy in the first place.

    That was confusing, it took a while to work out what was going on.

    The rest is just standard plot stuff: would Petey have known that the andromeda gate could have been used to time travel? (If so, what exactly does he need Kevyn for?) Did he have Tagon killed to give Kevyn incentive to come farther back, or is Petey trying to prevent Kevyn from saving Tagon to avoid screwing up whatever it was he was trying to put in place having Tagon killed? And so on…


    1. Re: Missed a curve on the strip…

      Tune in next week when we find out if our heroes have packed their Super Thermal-B Long Underwear and can sucessfully slaughter a live Tauntaun.


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