Some of my best scripting yet…

I just came off of a scripting jag.

Jag? Is that the right word? I don’t know. I was writing, like, really well, and like, really LOTS, and it would seem that I used it all up before I, like, got back to my Journal, you know?

No, you don’t get to read the scripts yet. They’ll air the week I turn 37. Hey! a Prime Number! I haven’t turned Prime since I turned 31!


8 thoughts on “Some of my best scripting yet…”

    1. permutations of age?

      I will take great pleasure in telling my friends that I’m turning “five squared” this August. *grin* Thanks for the idea.

      Also, yay for good scripts! Considering my opinion of the general level of your writing ability (you’re very good) I look forward to any scripts that you yourself say are really good.

  1. I haven’t hear much about the Ovalqwiki (probably spelling it wrong) lately. Is that something you inject bits into here and there, or is it something you do in a burst-based fashion like the way it sounds that you do scripting, drawing and coloring?

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