Sotto Voce

The Local Artists Day at Dragon’s Keep was fun. The locals here in Utah Valley include part of the Smallville writing and research team, a DragonLance writer, and a couple of game designers.

Oh, and me.

Sadly, I was sick as a dog today. (I would REALLY like to know the origin of that particular phrase, “sick as a dog.” I mean, dogs don’t act that sick when they’re feeling sick. Sure, when they barf it’s nasty, but people-barf is generally bigger and stinkier.) Trooper that I am, I went on with the show, likely infecting all the local talent as well as the fan community, and I’m glad that I did. (er… I’m glad that I went, but I’m sorry if I infected anyone.) There was one side effect — my voice is gone. Even subvocalizing these words as I type hurts. I’m not kidding. OW. (And again “OW” as I subvocalize the word “OW.”)

(Oddly enough, typing in parentheses hurts less, because these words don’t count.)

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to teach Sunday School. It ain’t gonna happen. I called my co-teacher (we alternate teaching on Sundays) and asked if she could take the class for me. The nice thing about laryngitis (assuming that’s the right medical term for “I swallowed a rhinovirusocerous and then tried to speak”) is that when you call in sick, people BELIEVE you. So she’s taking the class, and I may be staying home from church with sick kids tomorrow. I mean, it’s one thing to infect strangers in a public place. It’s another thing entirely to knowingly infect neighbors and their kids at church.

Ah, hypocrisy. (In the spirit of “rhinovirusocerous” should it be “hyppopotomocrisy?”)

It hurts to laugh.


7 thoughts on “Sotto Voce”

  1. Witness

    Just in case your co-teacher reads your blog and doubts your ailment, I thought I’d post that you sounded sick when we spoke by phone today, AND you sounded sick the whole time.

    Either you really are sick, or a VERY dedicated liar. Neither are fit to be teaching Sunday School, I figure.

  2. I gave it to you, didn’t I? Here is proof that germs travel over the internet.

    One of my co-workers got the double whammy cold that I got. He was sick just after the first of the year, and now is sick again the past few days. So I am riddled with guilt about that one as well.

    Get well soon…

  3. I had a cold in december, which would presumably be my cold for the year, but now I’ve been sick since wednesday, and am still sick.

    I’m starting to wonder if the normal annual flu vaccination we had a shortage of this year might actually serve a purpose of some kind, even for those of us who don’t do it…


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