Nine hours? Ten? I lost count…

My butt hurts. I spent at least eight hours, maybe nine, perhaps even 10 sitting at my computer and coloring and lettering the last of the current commercial project. Yes, there were breaks in there. I had to take some time off because my mouse-hand started to hurt. That hasn’t happened since Starcraft (or maybe Insaniquarium yesterday, but that should go without saying).

Anyway, now my time is my own for the next 13 days. Hopefully I can get some Schlock cranked out in that time. I mean, I’ve just demonstrated that I can put the hours in when I’m being PAID to.


8 thoughts on “Nine hours? Ten? I lost count…”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve earned yourself a break with the line “Quick! Get a Sharpie and draw a number on his head!”

    Whoof! Man. That was great.

    1. Insaniquarium

      Well, let’s see… I’ve beaten the Adventure, and I’ve played the time-trial in each of the four tanks. I’ve not beaten all four tanks in “Challenge” mode, but that’s because I only recently figured out how to make the guppy-cruncher/bug-cruncher combo work well (the answer: dump in lots of guppies, and then FEED LOW, drawing the guppies to the bottom).

      My favorite pet combos:
      Virtual Tank Screensaver — Presto/Preggo, Preggo, Stinky, and four carnivores. I let the screensaver run overnight, and it’ll collect between 4,000 and 6,000 shells for me.

      Virtual Tank — Niko, Presto/Niko, and Amp. Sitting around clicking on shells is relaxing, and this combo gives me the most for my efforts. I can get 5 feeder guppies at a time, and when Amp is fully charged, I electrocute them before the carnivores eat them, and get 25 shells out of it. Meanwhile, the pair of Nikos generate shells at a faster rate than any other pets I can think of. (Note: My son dumps feeder guppies in the tank, and then hides his carnivores. Then he puts in Angie, Presto/Angie, and Amp. The pair of Angies run around ressurrecting fish, so he doesn’t need to feed them. When he electrocutes them with Amp, he has to collect the shells by hand, but the Angies usually ressurrect all the feeders before they touch bottom.

      “Easy” game tanks: Presto, Meryl, and the turtle (Seymore?). I start with Presto as Blip, which unlocks all purchase items after a couple of minutes (don’t use this trick on Challenge tanks, or the price on all items starts climbing earlier than it would otherwise). Then I change him to Vert for quick cash. (Niko might be better for this, though). Once I have a decent number of guppies, Presto becomes another Meryl, and the pair of Meryls keep the cash coming out of the guppies, while Seymore slows it down enough for me to collect it.

      “Hard” game tanks: Presto, the crab (I forget his name), and the turtle. I’ll vary Presto between Blip (show me where the enemies will come from), the lantern-fish (draw my guppies to safety [although that just makes them easier for the psycho-squid to kill]), Amp (nuke all my guppies for quick cash, like on a time-trial tank), and Clyde (grab money so I don’t have to).

      Pets I’ll never use again: Shrapnel and Nostradamus (Bonus pet #2).


      1. Re: Insaniquarium

        Have you (or anyone else) gotten past the 3rd tank “Challenge”?

        I’ve done it a few times but just when I’m close, one squid will get through, and my lantern-fish will bring all of my guppies to get mostly devoured at once, and by then it’s so late in the game, I’ll never get enough money back to buy up crunchers fast enough before the next round of aliens come. (I’m talking 4 squids or so… working on getting the 3rd piece).

        I usually use presto, the crab, and meryl. Any other tips?

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