Three words: Chocolate. Lucky. Charms.

The little old lady in the apron at Wal-Mart was giving out samples of new Chocolate Lucky Charms today.

I went back 5 minutes later and snuck a second cup while her back was turned. Because, you know, I’m too cheap these days to actually BUY them. Besides, they’d be like crack — addictive, bad for me, and my kids would get into the stuff causing no end of troubles.

16 thoughts on “Three words: Chocolate. Lucky. Charms.”

      1. we will NOT ship him lucky charms. They make him crazy(er)

        also that money would be better spent on schlock shirts and other schlocklisciouse goodies.

  1. oh man, my fiancee is Catholic and in a spot of weakness I agreed to give up processed sugars for lent with her. (It was that or give up internet access….so you see why the other won out.)

      1. well, if I were doing it for her religion sure, but I’m doing it for her, as a promise, so I’m just gonna have to wait and hope you guys all buy enough to keep them on the market until after lent. 🙂

          1. er Howard…
            40 days of no-sugar, knowing that somewhere in the house is a box of chocolate flavoured sugary temptation.

            I think Steven King wrote something similar once. It didn’t end well either.

          2. True, however, I really won’t be able to stand up to the tempation if it’s in the house somewhere. 🙁

            Especially since it’s Lucky Charms. And chocolate. And…oh man I may just go get a box today and eat it all by Wednesday!!@!!

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