A Curious Artifact

The female character I created for the “GWAVAMan” comic wears a tight, white outfit. In my usual cartoonish style, I show the shape of her breasts with three lines — a curve under the closer breast, a curve beneath the more distant breast, and a “gesture” line (sort of a sketched “slash”) between the points where her nipples would be. The result is attractive without appearing immodest.

Well, when I reduced one of the strips to JPG, that “gesture” line became three pixels, and in the reduced strip it looked like Ms. Redline needed to , shall we say, step into a warmer room.

I guess this means I got the gesture in exactly the right place. It also meant going into the JPG file and muting three pixels for the sake of propriety.

Here’s a crop from the full-sized TIF. See the “gesture?” line?

Here’s what it looked like when reduced for the web:

And here’s what it looks like with the thermostat turned up a bit:

5 thoughts on “A Curious Artifact”

  1. May I humbly suggest making the curve for the nearer breast something more of a 120 degree arc, rather than a 180 degree arc? That is, trim the upper portion of the curve a little?
    — a large-busted Schlock Mercenary fan

        1. Thanks. I think so too. In the GWAVAMan strips this character was supposed to come off as “Sexy, but not SULTRY,” and I’m pretty sure I pulled that off with room to spare. It wasn’t hard, since I wouldn’t know how to draw Sultry if it posed for me on a couch aboard the Titanic.


  2. Copy

    So, for somebody who happens to be going to part of brainshare, what will be required to get a copy of this comic, signed of course? 🙂

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