Your book deal went bad when your brother deserted (again)? WAAAAH.


The brother of a Utah Marine twice accused of desertion said he and his brother were in the middle of negotiating a $1 million book deal and movie rights up until Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun disappeared over the holidays.

Mohamad Hassoun told the Deseret Morning News that his brother's second disappearance in the face of pending desertion and theft charges has soured any interest in selling the missing Marine's personal story.

"There are no current negotiations right now," Mohamad Hassoun said Thursday from his home.

Who BUYS these kinds of books, anyway? A million dollar book deal? Was this supposed to be the story of capture-and-escape, or desertion-and-how-I-dodged-the-charges? I get the feeling the book would have been a skinny work of bad fiction.

I can write bad fiction. Give ME the million dollars. And you’ll get more than just one book, too. Heck, I’ll illustrate the entire trilogy for no extra charge!

Okay, okay… I’m not angry at the publisher for not giving me a seven-figure advance. Good on ’em for NOT giving any money to the Hassouns. Let’s wait until history unfolds before we pay their family to rewrite it.


8 thoughts on “Your book deal went bad when your brother deserted (again)? WAAAAH.”

  1. From the end of the article…

    Mohamad Hassoun said there is still a chance that there may be a book through another deal. He said his brother wanted to "get his story out." When asked what information, or message, that Hassoun wanted to get out, Mohamad Hassoun said, "You would have to read the book."

    *sigh*. Some people…

    By the way, there’s a Schlock book coming, but I’m not going to tell you what’s in it. 🙂

    1. Wild guess here…


      Say, when is the book coming out? Is it coming out before the next Linucon? Or are you going to be selling autographed copies mailorder?

    2. Bad crap drives out good.

      Or something.

      The reason they are bought is the one out of 100 make scads of money and payback several fold all the flops. With him being Muslim and a former Marine this would send slavering hordes of Moonbats to drool money in his shoes. Hey, it works for the fat one.

      Hmmm I thought that your Schlock was serialized. 🙂
      I need one to send to Iraq along with the Cox and Forkum one. 😛

  2. Hell, I just want someone to buy one of my books, PERIOD. I’d be happy for a three-figure income from my writing at this point.

    … I think I’d end up in the hospital if someone told me a seven figure ANYTHING for my book, unless that included the figures after the decimal point. lol


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