Howard’s Movie Hit-List

With the tightening of the belt, I don’t get to go out and rent whatever strikes my fancy. We have to PLAN for movie rentals, and borrow things from friends and neighbors where possible. The best rental option is renting things at the local Albertson’s grocery, where new releases are only 99 cents Monday through Thursday, but you only get them for the night. That’s fine — I only need one night to see most stuff.

So… the list. Keep in mind that this is more for ME than for you (whoever YOU happen to be), but I thought I’d share it so you can study the silhoutte my tastes cast in this particular light:

1: Troy
2: Shawn of the Dead
3: Monk Season 2
4: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
5: CSI: Miami Season 1
6: CSI: Miami Season 2
7: King Arthur
8: Catwoman (because Sandra may want to see it… I’ve already seen it once)
9: Without a Paddle

Let’s see… Death features prominently in at least seven of the nine… and it’s the FIRST seven. The Undead feature prominently in #s 2, 4, and 8 (hmmm… powers of two? Coincidence.) (Yes, Catwoman qualifies as “undead,” what with her having been killed and brought back. So does Elektra, or so I hear.) Forensic science is featured in four of the titles (3, 5, 6, and 8), though we won’t argue here about either its accuracy or its believability. Hotties feature in 1, 4, 7, and 8, but be aware that I distinguish between “hot” and “attractive” in such a way that I can admit to being both turned on AND creeped out by Angelina Jolie (#1), Milla Jojovich (#4), and Halle Berry (#8). Crazy people can be found in all of them, I think. I mean, I can’t say for sure about King Arthur, but just based on the trailers I’m confident that mental illness of some sort is a plot point everywhere else.

Car chases? Dunno. Probably at least four of them. Sword fighting? At least two. Explosions? I have no idea, but the smart money is on “all of the above.”

Oscar nominations? Not a one of them, I suspect. And that’s just the way I like it.


15 thoughts on “Howard’s Movie Hit-List”

  1. Oh, there are crazies in King Arthur! And awesome costumes. Just don’t expect it to follow any known mythology much, and it’s quite an enjoyable movie. In fact, forget most, if not all, of what you knew of the mythology for the duration of the movie … better that way, but well worth it.

  2. About the females and the hotness…

    For numbers 5 and 6…

    I happen to think the ballistics chick from that show is “hawt”…

  3. We watched Troy last night. It’s a pretty good flick, although Paris is such a wuss.

    Depening on how much you spend, how many you watch, Blockbuster has an offline Netflix like thing, $24.99 a month IIRC. 2 out at a time for as long as you need, trade as often as you want. At their regular prices, you need 2 a week to break even. It’s nice to be able to go into the store and grab a couple and not worry about paying anything or getting stinkers at their sucky prices. It may not be worth it for you though if you aren’t doing 6 a week at your $0.99 price point (eeep. That’s a lot of movies)

    Angelina Jolie isn’t in Troy, so I’m not sure what you’re thinking about there.

      1. Um, yeah. I was. Whoops!

        Is Helen a hottie? Is she creepy looking? (there’s no way she’s as hot-and-creepy-combined as Angelina, unless she’s, I don’t know… Parker Posey in a Push-up Bra).


    1. an aside

      I saw Troy, also, and loved it. Of course Paris is a wuss – what greater contrast could there be to big brother Hector? (And Priam had fifty sons, remember. Maybe the genes were getting a little attenuated.)

      1. Re: an aside

        It’s just watching it and being a little familiar with the legend, both my reaction and my wife’s were “he’s going to kill Achilles????”

    2. Netflix has come down in price. We’re paying $17.99 a month now plus tax (might be regional, I don’t know).

      The selling point for me is not having to make a special trip to the video store to pick them up and return them.

      1. That’s a double edged sword.

        We have to go to the video store, but there’s also been times (not often mind you) that we picked up two, watched them, brought them back and got two more.

        We’ve been thinking about chaning to NetFlix though for the increase in selection, plus we haven’t been watching as many as we should to make it really worth it for the Blockbuster one. This is our cable television, really. It’s cheaper than cable and fewer ads.

  4. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

    I picked this one up at Albertson’s last night for $1.06. Hey, for the price, I’m feeling pretty satisfied. I’m glad I didn’t spend $4.00 on it, though.


  5. Actually, Howard, if you want to be technical…

    Catwoman as well as Without a Paddle revolve around death. Catwoman’s ‘rebirth’ as the Catwoman, and the main plot of Without a Paddle involves three guys grieving a friend. I haven’t seen Catwoman yet, but Without a Paddle is a raunchy, but enjoyable movie. I found Troy to be an excellent movie, and Shawn of the Dead made it to my top ten list of all time. Right up there with Patton and Army of Darkness. As for King Arthur…

    …I wish I’d simply rented it. For a man as attentive to the details of things as yourself, knowing much about period clothing, known history, armour, weapons, etc… I think you might spend too much time cringing. But I’m a bit overzealous at times.

    That’s my two cents.

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