I can add one more to my list

I can add one more game to my list of “games I’ve beaten as a grown-up:” Metroid Prime.

The unfortunate thing is that the final battle was fought while my children slept. They’re going to be sad enough for having missed it that I expect they’ll require me to go back and beat that final bad-guy AGAIN. The good news is that I copied my save off to another memory card for just that occasion.

Now it tells me that “hard” mode is unlocked. Bah. Way to make me feel like a wuss, there. I’m not planning to play again. I’m itching for Metroid Prime II…


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  1. You should play it if the Nintendo people are around. 😀 It’s interesting to play with four strangers in the middle of a mall, while guys with Nintendo shirts (and one person with eight Nintendo DS units strapped to him) are demonstrating the goods.

  2. Echoes

    I never beat Prime. I really have to go back and do it (I lost my memory card that had my half-finished game on it a while ago).

    I got Echoes recently and I’ve been playing it off and on (I also got Ratchet and Clank (1 and 2) so that’s been sucking up a lot of my game time). It’s amazingly good. And I haven’t even tried multiplayer yet (my roommate, for some reason, has no desire to play it)

    1. Re: Echoes

      R&C 3 rocks, I’m playing it now. It has some little touches (Buy all at the vendors, two quick select rings) that really help it. Keep your 1 & 2 saves, since they give goodies in 3.

      1. Re: Echoes

        Two quick select rings? My dreams have come true! I’ve been wanting a second quick select ring ever since I touched R&C 1!

        1. Re: Echoes

          I hope R&C 3 isn’t the last insomniac-made game of the series like the end of their involvement with their former series, Spyro 3. I want more! Although them switching to a new set of characters and world will probably be a good thing in the long run.

          Too bad Howard doesn’t have a PS2. 🙂

          I’m afraid I’m not really excited at all about metroid GC games. I used to like metroid 1 and super metroid, but when I picked up the Metroid Fusion game for GBA, It just didn’t grow on me at all. I then went back to play some of the older metroid games and found that they had lost their charm to me as well. I don’t know why, the 3 Castlevania games for GBA were some of my favorites, and Metroid Fusion and Super Metroid plays out like them… but…

          1. Re: Echoes

            Comparing Metroid Prime to Metroid Fusion is unfair. Metroid Prime has all the puzzle-solving fun of the earlier games, but it’s set in 1st-person, and the environments you play in are incredibly rich.

            If you’ve got a GameCube, you owe it to yourself to at least TRY Metroid Prime. ESPECIALLY if you loved the 1st iteration of the game.


          2. Re: Echoes

            I’ll probably need to rent it later. I used to like the first iteration, but once I played it again I realized that I only liked it in relation to the other games I was playing at the time… There are some NES and SNES games I can go back and play over and over. Crystalis, Super Mario 3 and World, Final Fantasy 1-3, Castlevania 2, Terranigma and Soul Blazer for some examples, but Metroid just wasn’t one of them.

        2. Re: Echoes

          I’ve already outgrown the two, there are some really nice weapons. (Rift inducer is really, really nice. Think “black hole gun”, Kevin would be proud). Plus, all the weapons have multiple levels (5 total, not the two in R&C 2) so you want to use them more.

          You need to think about a PS2 Howard. Each console has its games that make it worth getting. Plus, I like going into a store and saying “hey, that games looks cool” and not worrying about the platform.

          1. Re: Echoes

            Eh, I still don’t have an Xbox myself. I haven’t really gone in and saw a game that I said “I need this game” and not found it for one of the other five systems I have.

            I don’t really think Howard has the money to spend on a PS2 at the moment anyway. Too bad we couldn’t chip some money in and buy him/his family one for christmas, eh?

          2. Re: Echoes

            Yeah. Although I personally want to get this for myself as well. I bought a dance pad ages ago, but it was a cheap and junky one that caused misses a lot.

            As a nice side effect, Someone could buy you Ratchet and Clank 1 & 2 once you have that setup. 🙂

  3. Blegh… it took me long enough to beat the final boss(es?), that I’m never going to bother trying again. I achieved my goal once already, thank you. /:-.

    But yeah… I hear Echoes is cool. 🙂

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