Looking for Schlock link banners?

Hey, y’all.

If you’ve been looking for Schlock Mercenary link banners with which to adorn your website, I’ve created so many you’ll not be able to choose.

They’re posted in the Keenspot and Nightstar forums, here and here.


p.s. My third post on each of those forums now includes a javascript for rotating the banners. I’d paste it in here, but escape-coding all that HTML for LiveJournal would be a real pain.

9 thoughts on “Looking for Schlock link banners?”

  1. “I want that one! No, that one! No, wait…”

    You, sir, write some of the best of one-liners. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite banner, so many favorite quotes. Now I’ve gotta save all of these so if I decide to use banners on any page of mine, I can switch them around whenever the mood hits. Or use a javascript to rotate them.

    Or, y’know, just keep them on my HD to open them up when I need a quick giggle. ^_^

      1. Re: “I want that one! No, that one! No, wait…”

        … *_* You’re too good to us. ::scurries off to find a suitable page on one of her sites where she can use it::

  2. If you use a client like Deepest sender, which is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, you can choose to write as Source or write “normal” or in other words, write with HTML disabled.
    it’s pretty good abotu allowing yout o post screeds of HTML and doing all the escape coding for you, unless you reference an LJ function.

    Sorry to plug a random plugin on your LJ, feel free to delete this comment, thought you might find it useful.

    1. No apology necessary. You’re solving a problem I mentioned in my post, which by any reasonable standard would be considered “on topic.”


  3. Is there any possibility of also having one that is a dynamic rotation from your site? There should be tons of random-image scripts out there that could do it, and that would also let people put the rotating goodness in signatures.

    Unless, of course, you don’t want that much of a website access hit – and I can certainly understand that. All it would take is a couple guys on the Something Awful forums that are prolific posters to bring any dynamic script to it’s knees.

    1. Well, I know that I wouldn’t particularly appreciate the server hit, and I doubt keenspot would either. It’s not one or two people slashdotting that can cause it.

      It’s if hundreds started doing it.


      1. I mentioned the worst case – the SA forums are pretty massive in their readership, so if a couple guys there who also post a lot are having their posts read by a whole pile of readers… instant crazyness. A FARK photoshop contest would be similarly nightmarish. 🙂

        I may just whip one up on my own server as a redirector, and use it prudently in low-access areas. That or just copy all the images to my server so I take the load on myself, if Howard wouldn’t mind.

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