More IT-specific cartooning

Ah, SCO. I read an article (which I can’t FIND now!) likening McBride to Keanu Reeves’ character in Point Break who jumps out of an airplane without a parachute.

Distribute freely, but keep the copyright blurb on it, please. And if anyone remembers the article I’m talking about, please let me know.


10 thoughts on “More IT-specific cartooning”

    1. He can’t afford to – if he does, McBride’ll sue him and his family out of existence for defaming SCO, claiming prior bias due to his previous employment at Novell… even if he was only working in the Groupwise line.

      Maybe SCO could get Kevin Bacchus of Infinium Labs working with them, and then sue every console out of existence by claiming that they’re infringing upon the yet-to-be-released-or-even-properly-demonstrated Phantom console? 😛

        1. SCO’s sued just about everyone else – and they were raising a stink a while ago about Groklaw because the manager of the site was employed by a legal group which has links with free software, so she ended up quitting her job because of it. They’re probably foolish enough to consider an editorial cartoon something that damages their trademark – hell, American Greeting sued a webcomic artist a while ago over a parody.

          Why wouldn’t they? They’ve been stupid enough to drop programming staff (used to maintain the product they’re selling) in order to hire lawyers.

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