7 thoughts on “One of the comedy greats has passed on… See you on the other side, Rodney.”

  1. I should note here that Dangerfield’s last TV appearance may well have been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a few days before the surgery. On the show tonight, they had a moment of silence for him after playing clips from that appearance. I was in the green room, and you could have heard a pin drop throughout the studio.

  2. I’ve never really enjoyed Rodney Dangerfield’s movies (I’ve never seen Caddy Shack, that may be different) but the man’s stand-up was inspired. I’ve laughed so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. He was a great talent and will be missed.

  3. And the Academy…

    … REJECTED him. BAH. One of the few comedians who actually managed to make me laugh more than once. He was right to decline when they reversed without apology.

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