Linucon, Thursday

Thursday was mostly travel. Chalain and I flew out of SLC at 7:07am, and arrived in Austin at ten ’till one. It was a fun pair of flights — especially playing the “Mystery Science Theater” commentary game with the Skymall catalog. There was this dog in a rolling suitcase-for-dogs, and I suggested that for non-dog-lovers the case was nice because you could just zip it up.

“We call him ‘Barky'”
“He does tricks, too. Do you want to see ‘Poops-in-the-bag?'”

I’m still giggling. Maybe you had to be there.

I spent the afternoon with Steve Jackson and Michelle Barrett (I may have misspelled her name) discussing merchandising and stuff. This was a great discussion — expect to see some cool new shirts soon, and other projects will follow.

There were a lot of things going on last night. The best one was the 10 hours of sleep I got after soaking in the hot-tub. This morning I feel rejuvenated. No, wait. I got almost no sleep Wednesday night…. I don’t just feel rejuvenated. I feel RESURRECTED.



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