Linucon, Friday… The High Point

I’m pressed for time. I’m tired, and I need to go to bed. There’s also a giant marble-track machine in the lobby that I want to play with. Pardon me if this entry lacks my usual prose.

The high point of Friday at Linucon was the Celebrity Munchkin event. I drew four cards for the event, and we stuck them in the top 30 of the door cards stack, which meant that as long as the game ran for five or six rounds, they’d all end up in play.

The cards:
1) Level 20 Secret Service (Steve Jackson always wins against the Secret Service)
2) Level 14 Even Worse Hands (Eric Flint is at +12 to beat them)
3) Level 13 Daryl McBride (Eric Raymond always wins against Daryl McBride)
4) Level 10 William Effing Shatner (Wil Wheaton MUST help you fight, and he gets all the treasure.)

Steve Jackson drew the William Effing Shatner card. Wil had to help him fight, and between the two of them, they had him beat. Then Eric Raymond threw “… and its CLONE!” into the fray, and suddenly Wil and Steve were in danger of being beaten. But Steve had a one-shot up his sleeve. “Semi-Final Strike” tripled the value of his cyborg deely-boppers, at the cost of destroying them. BOOOM! William Effing Shatner AND his clone fell before the combined forces of Steve Jackson and Wil Wheaton, before a crowd of exuberant, jubilant spectators. We all cheered.

Wil ended up winning the game, via some very masterful playing of one-shots and character abilities in the last round. And he talked me into preventing Steve from winning by playing a card that could ALSO have been used against him. You know what? I don’t care. I had a BLAST watching the players react to the cards I’d drawn, and William Effing Shatner was the hit I hoped he’d be.

9 thoughts on “Linucon, Friday… The High Point”

  1. I want those cards!

    Any chance the artwork could find its way into a printer-friendly format?
    I love it… William Effing Shatner is dead! Whooooo!

    1. Re: I want those cards!

      Sorry. I have no scans of them.

      There are 1000 of the “Heart of the Anomaly” cards in existence- these were printed up by SJ Games for the ‘con. They’re +1 if signed by Wil Wheaton, and Wil has the bulk of them in his posession.


      1. Re: I want those cards!

        Actually, they were printed up by Linucon, with Steve’s approval (and he emailed us the back of card graphic and the front frame graphic). We contacted John Kovalic and arranged to get original artwork for it, and had a local Austin printer print and cut them.

        There were two boxes of 500. We gave out most of the first box, but the second box is still intact. (I tried to make arrangements to send it to Wil, but he’s on the road again this weekend. If he’s coming back next year, we might just keep it until then. Or take it to Penguicon…)

  2. I believe that yes, the cards DID go home with the ‘owners’.

    Unfortunately, because of being concom, I only got to stop in briefly to look at them figuring out how Eric Raymond happened to have 17 points, 6 higher than the next highest, then he attacked someone else.

    Yes, that’s vague. It’s the best I could come up with.


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