Linucon has been AMAZING

I’ve had a great time. I’m too tired by FAR to try and write a con report right now, so here are some cryptic notes for me to use later:

The chaos machine, Friday Night.
Wil’s reading, and drawing a picture of Tamara Gorski
Tech sessions, oh how I’m beginning to despise doing them… pity I’m still good at it.
Evil Stevie’s Pirate Game
Custom Buttons
The Art Auction
Geek Culture session with Wil, Cathy, and Rick
Writing session with Rick and Rie
How to Draw session with Victory (yes, I was PRESENTING… giggle giggle)
Chaos machine and Hot Glue
The Masquerade, and General Levaughn Matsui Hugo “Tron-Guy” Xinchub
Fangirl photo moment with Steve Jackson and I.
Oh crap I lost my camera!
(Sorry. False alarm.)
Interview with Wil Wheaton

That’s it. More chaos for me, now.

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  1. Don’t DO that!

    I had a sinking stomach moment between reading “I lost my camera” and “sorry. False alarm.”

    I need a full accounting when you get home. 😉

    1. Re: Don’t DO that!

      It was sort of… “Is anyone near Salon E? Howard thinks he might have left his notebook and camera behind”.

      I’m two doors down from salon E, heading the other way. I stop, hit the radio, and say “I’m checking”. I interrupt a panel, crawl around a bit, and don’t see anything. Note, I think he’s talking about the laptop I loaned to him. He was talking about an actual _note_ book.

      I then run into Pi. Pi says he gave it to Chalain. Chalain says he doesn’t have it. Runaround occurs for about an hour, with the notebook showing up during that timeframe (as I recall).

      Pi comes up to me, and borrows my car keys so he can check his luggage, just in case it got packed by accident.

      I have NO clue what happened after that, other than “Howard has his camera back now.”

      Howard, can you fill in the details?

      Linucon – Keystone Kops for Geeks.


      1. Re: Don’t DO that!

        I was the one who said “Howard has his camera back now” after he flashed it at me in the hall and said where he found it (possibly in his room)?

        Unfortunately, I spent the entire weekend wandering either being sleep desprived, exhausted, brain too full, crisis du jour often with other crises interfering (dealing with five nested interrupts can be fun)…

        I’m fairly certain we had a con. I think I was there. I certainly remember cleaning up afterwards for a longish while, and there’s all this stuff in my condo from the con suite… Ask me about the details after I’ve had a lot of sleep, maybe.


      2. Re: Don’t DO that!

        I think I actually said on the radio “Is anyone near Salon E, Howard think he’s lost his laptop and camera” so the fault is mine. The only reason I think I thought notebook=laptop was because later on the radio someone said something about drawings/notebooks and i thought “duh, the man *is* an artist.” My brain was so fried by that point that I’m not really sure anymore though. I’m still confused as to what happened to the notebook, though…

  2. Here’s what happened, and I have an excuse…

    Here’s what happened.

    1) Pi handed me my camera, and it went into my HAND, not my pocket.
    2) I had 30 minutes to pack my room up before the Banquet began.
    3) I hustled into my room, opened my suitcase, and saw the black camera bag on top. I shoved the camera into it, shoved it to one side, and proceeded to pack at high speed.
    4) During the packing I realized my leather-bound notebook was missing. I assumed it was in Salon F, where my first session had been 3 hours ago.
    5) I then did a pocket-check for important stuff. I found my wallet, my iPod, and my room key, but no camera. Visual scan of the suitcase for the camera failed to turn it up, because it was now obscured by its bag, which LONG-TERM MEMORY told me was empty. It had been empty all weekend.
    6) I finished packing, hustled off to the banquet, and launched the “camera and notebook fire-drill.”

    The Con staff did an EXCELLENT job of handling this. It wasn’t until after the banquet that it occurred to me that maybe my visual scan of the suitcase should be followed up by a hand-scan. Relishing the thought (NOT) of rifling through three days worth of my own underwear, I opened the suitcase, and found the camera.

    And now you know the rest of the story.


    1. Re: Here’s what happened, and I have an excuse…

      I’m just glad it was all found because my stomach dropped out when you caught my attention and I put the call out on the radio. All I could think was, “Crapola, I hope we find Howard’s camera!” That being said, everything afterwards on the radio was a bit blurry due to the reception on the radio in Salon A and the general confusion.

      Of course, a lot of stuff from Sunday is confusing.

  3. Well, not ALL the rest of the story…

    I forgot to mention… I apologized profusely to Pi. He was feeling guilty for handing the phone to the wrong person, when in fact both our memories failed us and he had handed it to ME.

    Okay, maybe he DID hand it to the wrong person. Maybe he should have handed it to someone responsible. 🙂

      1. Re: Well, not ALL the rest of the story…

        He was feeling guilty for handing the phone to the wrong person

        Wait. I said “phone.” I meant camera.


  4. God bless you…

    For being at Linucon, and making the Linux on the Desktop panel great, instead of merely okay.

    I hope you can make it to Penguicon 3.0 and Linucon 2.0!

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