Back from Linucon… set GAME=ON

I’m home now, and I’ve got to get busy. I just inked a pair of strips, and this morning I plowed through some business email that needed, well, plowing.

I won’t trouble you folks with the task list, save to say that the hardest part of it BY FAR is prioritization, followed closely by focus. There’s so much that needs to be done that it’s easy to do the wrong stuff first, and there’s so much to do that it’s easy to get distracted from the task at hand.

Case in point… I need to write a Con Report for Linucon, and when I contemplate writing it, I end up puttering in my Live Journal.



4 thoughts on “Back from Linucon… set GAME=ON”

  1. Oh yeah. I’m sick, too.

    I forgot to mention the fact that I’m sick. I’m pretty well-medicated at the moment, and mostly what I need is to catch up on sleep. See, I went INTO Linucon sleep-deprived because of business news that hit Wednesday night. Naturally, my schedule at the ‘con did not lend itself well to catching up.

    Napping today was one of the high-priority business tasks. Gotta take care of the ol’ moneymaker, right?

    (I’m not sure which bit of me the moneymaker is.)


    1. Re: Oh yeah. I’m sick, too.

      Yes, I learned that I really shouldn’t try to drive 500+ miles at night, in the rain when I’m sleep-deprived. That’s a bad combination. I ended up sleeping almost all day today.

    2. Re: Oh yeah. I’m sick, too.

      The hands, yo, the hands. The brain gets no respeck, nor any of the rest of the bits required to make those hands do the things they do. 🙂

  2. Hi! I was the chick making nitrogen ice cream and decided to say hi. Glad you had a great time at the con. Join !! Sorry, shameless bit of self promotion there. 🙂


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