Not a bad day, except for that bit at the end

I’ve had a really, really productive day, and that in spite of a three-hour nap.

That’s right… THREE HOURS. From 11am until almost 2pm I slept. I got a little cartooning done before then, and figured the day was shot when I woke back up. I was groggy to the point of being almost disabled.

Then again, I’ve been sick and sleep-deprived, and that three-hour nap may have been just what I needed to catch back up with Life in the Not-So-Fast Lane.

I penciled, inked, and scanned. I cranked out three separate page-drafts for one of my commercial comic gigs. I did some draft coloring for a commission… and all that got done AFTER the nap.

Then there was this little spat on the Keenspot Members forum. Long story short: some people don’t want serious criticism, even though they claim to be asking for it. They want a love-in. Oh well. I’ll just save my energy for the ongoing critical analysis of my own work, and let them stew in their own juices. I’d say more, but it would be inappropriate. I’ve said more on the forums, and those comments were probably beneath me. It’s like defecating, I suppose. It’s out of my system now, it’s beneath me, and I’m sure there are others all to happy to play in it like sick fools.

There are several other things about which it would not be appropriate for me to say anything right now, but those are happy, grow-the-business kinds of things. I can keep a secret. After all, I knew Petey was coming back and THAT secret didn’t leak for 19 months.


5 thoughts on “Not a bad day, except for that bit at the end”

  1. There was this time during college break when I got about 8 hours sleep over 3 days… ended up sleeping 11 hours straight, and woke up feeling fine (though a bit confused, couldn’t tell at first if it was AM or PM, and whether I’d slept a whole day :).

    Apparently 11 hours was exactly what I needed, because I felt alert and awake.

    Given half a chance, your body is usually pretty smart about what it needs. Occasionally it will insist.

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