I’m on my way to Barcelona now…

I’m on my way to Barcelona now. I’m all packed, my sessions are as ready as they’re going to get (until I get there and our Europe office provides me with more info to stuff into the slide deck), and my flight leaves in 3 hours. An hour to the airport, an hour to check in and clear security, and an hour to eat before getting on the plane… it’s pretty much time to go.

I have an iPod now — I’m looking forward to listening to my Vangelis sleepy-tracks while crossing the pond, and doing so on nice, noise-cancelling headphones.

Schlockers have been pretty generous with the donations for the desktops. I’ve collected about $200, which will be going straight into making the Schlock business better… starting with stuff that I can’t tell you about just now, but that is really cool.

(No, it’s not books yet. That’s in the works TOO, but further out.)

Anyway, thanks for the donations. Any I receive in the next 48 hours or so will not be processed until Sunday or Monday when I’ve got internet access again.