Hotel connectivity sucketh

I just shelled out 64 euros for a week’s worth of internet access from the hotel. This is easily twice what I’ve paid in the states, and for service that is beyond lame.

I don’t know how much actuall WORK I’ll be able to get done across this link. Oh well.

The flights were long. I’m jet-lagged. I met Schlocker “Lars D.” for lunch on La Rambla at a little catalan place that made some great paella. I need to get some sleep now, and sleep solidly until tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Hotel connectivity sucketh”

  1. Maybe this will cheer you up a bit.

    It seems that the good Sergeant recently landed in SE PA and has been doing some undercover work in a local mall.

    I looked around but didn’t see Nick or Brad anywhere…

    Enjoy. 🙂

        1. First time I saw it, I got a glimpse of it and did a double-take. My brain saw the general shape and yelled “Schlock!” Of course, a second look revealed the truth, but it was close enough to trigger the association (which may be a sad comment on what I’ve been filling my brain up with lately… 🙂 and there’s still a resemblance.

          Maybe Landley is right, it’s not Schlock, but it’s one of his kin. Doing some kind of undercover work (thus the sheet). Of course, I was going to point out that as an amorph, Schlock can change his shape to whatever he wants, but then there are the different-sized eyes. Maybe this amorph got a mismatched set. Who knows?

          I just had to take a picture and share it, though.

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