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We’re getting ready to move my office upstairs, and this resulted in a box of artwork lying open on the floor. Gleek took one look at the picture on top and exclaimed:
“I want a girl like that! With a shooter, and with… hair.”

The thing that makes this female look so much different than the others I draw… LIPS. That’s right, those elusive pucker-makers, right here on a picture *I* drew.

Granted, the hair looks nice too. And the shooter. And you can play with “shooter” anagrammatically for other things that look nice.

I scanned it and printed it out for Gleek to color. She was DELIGHTED, and ran around the house showing off her picture to everyone, including the baby AND me. Then she colored the hair pink, took it with her to the sitter’s, and lost it.

This is why she got a printout rather than the original.


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        1. Re: What a coincidence…

          You know, I’ve been waiting to get the fifth GOH caricature so I could put ’em next to the guests descriptions on the panelist page, but somehow this never got posted to the list… 🙂


          1. Re: What a coincidence…

            Sorry. I sent it straight to Smilodon for the booklet, along with the Tron-guy caricature (which is NOT a good representation, but with the Tron costume that’s a nuance that most folks will miss.)

            (Hi Jay!)

        2. Re: What a coincidence…

          Wil will probably be absolutely delighted with it. I would not be suprised if he made it into an avatar or logo on his site. 🙂

  1. I should point out that several hours after returning from the sitter’s house, Gleek came to me with tears in her eyes and said very sadly “I losted my picture.” I sent her to Howard who printed out not only another copy of this picture, but several other Howard Tayler Drawings as well. She was VERY pleased.

    1. It is. Back when Sandra and Howard got LJs, they decided that they would not make their children’s names public. So, instead, they have nicknames.

      Kiki is female, and the oldest at about 9.
      Link is male and about 6.
      Gleek is female and about 3.
      Patches is male and about 18 months.

      And that’s all you get, other than the occasional bits of Taylerkid madness that shows up on LJ.


  2. I beleive Gleek is an obscure Hanna-Barbara reference, no?

    Anyway, yeah. I agree with Gleek. I wanna girl with “shooters” like that. Nice gun, too.

  3. Most of the names seem to be cartoon/comic references.
    Kiki is a ferret in “Sluggy Freelance” online comic.
    Gleek was a mokey in “Super Friends/Super Powers” sat morn tv cartoon. For some reason I am thinking it was also the name of the monkey in the original “Space Ghost” tv cartoon from the 60’s. I could be wrong on that.
    Patches was one of the dog characters in one of Disney’s Movies (IIRC, not as sure about that one)
    Link could be from “Lance Link, Secret Chimp” which was a live action but very cartooney “Get smart” like show that featured a cast entirely made up of monkeys.

    I’m assuming these were chosen partially for their personalities.

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