Earning My Keep

Sometimes I feel guilty when I schedule stuff like this. And then I remember that as much as I love my family, the salary Novell is paying me is sufficient that they DO deserve some serious claims on my time… especially when something important comes up.

My travel schedule just picked up an extra week of bookings — two trips in one week. That means that between September 10th and September 29th, I’ll be at home for roughly (tapping on calculator while looking at calendar) four days. Give or take a few hours.


THIS is why I hammer on the buffer the way I do. This is also why RIGHT NOW I’m booking two days of vacation immediately following the last trip, and why I’ll be pressing to get an additional three the week following. Sure, the salary means they get to drag me all over the planet, but I also accumulate 9 hours of vacation time every pay period, and that means my family gets to drag me back.


p.s. I’ll post details later, but right now it looks like I may have free cycles in NYC on the evening of the 21st of September, and maybe in the afternoon and evening in Montreal on the 22nd.

11 thoughts on “Earning My Keep”

  1. Next time yer near Chicago…

    Do let us all know…

    I’d love to buy you a soda, and then be able to brag to my long-time friend (who is currently catching up on the comic as we speak) that I got to meet you…

    See? Yer a status symbol!!

  2. Oddly enough as I read this, Groupwise is crashing on me. 🙂

    You should come back to Boise, dood. Kuna misses it’s big-city kin.

  3. I know the feeling…out of all of August, it looks like I’ll have been home 9 days when it’s over. I’m not getting the princely salary, either, although I will bet that I’m having more fun. Even so, I’m looking forward to being home a week straight.

  4. And then Linucon a week later…

    You know, if Novell wanted to alert any of its customers to meet you at Linucon, we could expand your Groupwise panel to two sessions (3 hours, presumably with a 15 minute break) so you could get, you know, Real Work Done ™. 🙂


    (Yes, I flog the con. Everywhere. I’m the con chair, and the only computer geek I know in the state of texas who even knows the difference between “marketing” and “sales”. If I don’t flog the con, who will? Flog, flog, flog…)

    1. Re: And then Linucon a week later…

      Which reminds me… Novell may be interested in a session for “recruiting Open Source developers to the iFolder project.” Something where one of the code warriors from Novell comes along with me to the ‘Con (paying his own way) and joins me for a discussion of the project.

      Email me if you’re interested, or NOT interested in building this into the schedule.

  5. Yeah, Rob’s got a point. A week after my return from Vegas, I’m off to Linucon. Fortunately during that travel lacuna I may take vacation days, and I WILL get a weekend.

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