Call for Linucon Volunteers…

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m one of five Guests of Honor at Linucon October 8th through 10th in Austin, TX. One of the volunteer slots still open is “GoH Liason for Howard Tayler.”

We’re looking for local volunteers. We have a couple of attendees already available for this position, but both of them have lots of other things to do, and neither of them are locals. They’re also both good friends of mine, and won’t be put out one bit if they don’t get picked for this job. In fact, we’ll probably be more likely to REMAIN good friends if they don’t get picked for this job. Especially Chalain, who is twice the genius I am, and secretly despises me for my fame and wealth.

(note: there is no actual wealth, and there’s little enough fame to speak of)

Here are the requirements:
1) You need to be registered for the Con, and sign up as a volunteer with Lisa.
2) I’m going to be really, really, REALLY busy with panels, business meetings for Schlock, business meetings for Novell, drawing stuff for fans, etc. You need to have the kind of administrative skills to get me from place to place without panicking.
3) You need to be an Austin local, preferably with a car, so that if I hand you $20 and send you off in search of sushi, or maybe geisha girls, you’ll stand at least even odds of succeeding in your quest.
4) I’m kidding about the geisha girls
5) You need to be comfortable using a walkie-talkie.
6) You should not suck up to me, brown-nose, or otherwise employ subservient obsequiety. It’s okay if you’re in awe of my work, and it’s okay if you’re not. Just don’t drool, or spit. We’ll both act like professionals, and I’ll treat you like a friend. Honest. That’s the kind of guy I am.

The only compensation I’m aware of is that you’ll get your Con registration fee comped or refunded. You’ll likely need to be staying at the hotel, and I doubt that can be comped. This really is a hard-core VOLUNTEER position. I’m not sure why anybody would want it. I will see to it that you get original, custom artwork in a timely manner (unlike the several people to whom I STILL owe originals.)

If you’ve read this far and are still interested, email me a short resume/bio, and tell me why you think you’d be good at this.


Gee, I’ve left comments on down below. I have no idea what you people are going to talk about in regard to this post, but feel free to talk about it.

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  1. I wish I was an Austin local, because, based on #5 redux up there, I would be a total brownnoser just because I think it is funny to do stuff like that.

    Lucky you, Howard. 🙂

  2. Well, at least you don’t have to worry about them inflicting me on you…even though I’ll have a car (thanks to a really good Avis Preferred Select deal), and I’m reasonably familiar with Austin, I’ll have my own pile of stuff to be doing. Heck, I’ll count myself fortunate to get a few minutes to string together with you.

    1. Ok that was weird…

      >>(thanks to a really good Avis Preferred Select deal)
      Thought for a second there you said Alvis. I’ve really been watching too much Sealab 2021.

    2. Oh no you don’t. You’re making chupaquesos with him.

      Yes, we’re taking a guest of honor and giving him and apron and spatula and having him flip things. He’s making chupaquesos for the audience at the hacking food panel, and you’re scheduled to be there with him. That’s a whole HOUR you get to spend with the man, and you’re not backing out of it now. 🙂

      P.S. If howard feels like letting his fans know about the thing, I’ll happily hand out a coupon code so they can get $5 off preregistration. The coupon code is “ovalkwik”. Go, and spread the word…


      1. Re: Oh no you don’t. You’re making chupaquesos with him.

        I didn’t know you had that in mind…guess that’s another couple of items I need to add to my packing list. This is beginning to look seriously weird: two costumes, a pistol, a skillet, a spatula…

        1. Re: Oh no you don’t. You’re making chupaquesos with him.

          The wild panel suggestion deadline is the 31st, and then we actually schedule panels until the 15th. So we’ll be contacting you about what panels you want to be on to get a confirmed list from you in the next few days.

          Here, I’ll make a linucon news entry about it…

  3. I was interested…

    And then I read point 4…


    Anyways, I’m in Illinois, and I can’t drive…

    Congrats to whatever lucky soul gets the gig…

  4. I’m afraid of over-committing, since I work (more than) full time and am taking
    a class to finish up my chemistry degree, but if you need a hand, I’ll do my
    best to help out. My email address is in my profile, ping me and I’ll send you
    my cell number.

    Oh, and this might help:

    If you do want to look at my resume for some reason, though I’m in the process of
    re-working it right now, you can see a beta version here (large-ish PDF).

  5. If I only lived in Texas rather than Sandy, I’d be all over that volunteer position. Oh well, one day we’ll finish building that trebuchet and we’ll bring it over the point and we can all get together and lob stuff at other stuff.

  6. I’ll bring the gasoline.

    If we have to, we can shuffle Howard around a bit. “Here, Howard, here’s a map, some car keys, and cellular phone. We’ll see you at 6”


  7. Just a friendly reminder …

    People who post to this thread *are* allowed to say “I can do it!” instead of “geee, sorry, I can’t”

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