Reverse Caricature…

I’m sure I didn’t INVENT this, but this is definitely the first time I’ve done it.

A caricature is a representation in which the subject’s distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect.

Typcially you see it as a real person reduced to something more detailed and exaggerated than a comic-strip character, but certainly less realistic than a photo.

A reverse caricature, per my own definition, is when you take a cartoon character, assume you know what the REAL person from which those features were oversimplified looks like, and strike some middle ground.

Like this:

Then again, you could argue that this is just a more detailed cartoon than I usually draw. (And you probably will, you big meanie.)

11 thoughts on “Reverse Caricature…”

  1. verynice. Ibigmeanie _would_ argue that the above is simply a more detailed cartoon; largely because it’s more caricatured than your general drawing style–the bulging eyes, foreshortening, etc. But the idea seems sound. I’ve seen the phenomenon happen most often with fanart; I don’t belive I’ve ever seen a tag applied to it, though.

    Supposedly, caricature comes from the italian caricatura, somehow meaning ‘satirical picture’. Attempting to use babelfish to translate satire, satirical, picture, image, and photo implies nothing of the sort, but who knows? I propose, failing any more etymologically correct term: sericature. making something more serious than it begins.


  2. Maybe it’s a caricaricature?

    Judging by his expression, someone should probably be considering haricaricature to escape his wrath.

  3. Whatever you’ve been smoking with 13:11 of the Napping Cat’s Dream (and the Yerf archive), stop. Please stop, or I’ll have to pull the trigger on this gaussgun.

      1. 13:11’s real name is Bill McEvoy, and has a very wacky style similar to old issues of Mad Magazine (way back, like single digit versions). His artwork is here:

        He is sometimes commissioned to do artwork for the Master Zen Dao Meow webcomic and RP forums, the whole mess called The Napping Cat’s Dream. A few fans of Schlock Mercenary also RP there (including me, alas).

  4. Casting

    Hey, who do you think you would cast for the Sclock Mercenary movie? You could take him and base the caricature off of halfway that and Tagon’s cartoon self.

  5. I’ve seen work by an artist named Julius Zimmerman where he takes a major cartoon character and tries to draw a realistic image of a person who the cartoon could be a caricature of. I found the three examples he did (Ms. Buxley from Beatle Bailey, Annie Fanny from Playboy and Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”), to be amazingly well done.

    That said, I should point out that he is a porn artist and therefor he drew the above three characters in the nude, which is why I’m not posting links.

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