The nice thing about being famous…

Good grief.

There’s a guy here from Infoworld, and he wants to write an article about the event. He also wants a photo of “Howard Tayler presenting” for his article.

So… two minutes ago, just before the closing group panel, we did a POSED SHOT of me on stage in front of a slide deck. Good grief.

I joked with Jeannie, the Advisor coordinator and photographer…

“The nice thing about being famous is the obscene amounts of money I’m … wait a minute.”


3 thoughts on “The nice thing about being famous…”

  1. Yeah. I’m getting paid to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but that’s the only money I’ve made out of my new-found fame…and while it’s not chump change to me, it’s not enough to buy that nice little airplane I want, either.

  2. Better start making those obscene amounts of money, if Sandra wants to move to an ocean. What would the nearest ocean to Utah be? In California?

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