Rod from UNEP came up to me at the Advisor Summit this afternoon and asked whether or not I’d gotten to play disc golf yet. I asked him where he’d heard about THAT (the answer, by the way, is “not yet”), and he said that one of his staff back in the UK was a Schlock reader, and was wondering.

I have a strict policy. Anybody at a Novell event who comes up to me unsolicited and mentions that they’re a Schlock fan gets free artwork. In Rod’s case I had to make a slight exception – the picture of Schlock I drew for him was intended to be given to Simon.

Simon, if you’re reading this, you know you’ve got a gift coming back across the channel. Enjoy it, and go convert the rest of your co-workers. 🙂

For the record, I think the free-artwork-at-Novell-events rule has been put into play four times now. There is NOT a large area of overlap between my two lives.


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  1. Was Penguicon an overlap period? Or an interlacing? I found it interesting watching you do a Novell presentation for one session, and then participate in a Writing Military Sci/Fi session soon afterward.

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