7 thoughts on “Connection going down…”

  1. Sign of the times…that joke used to be spelled “go outside and see the ^$huR%^&$^%UF NO CARRIER”.

    How many of today’s net users would understand that one?

    1. Very few who started after 1994.

      How many people would remember what it was like to get knocked offline due to someone putting a ‘NO CARRIER’ in a post, and your modem interpreting it for you and hanging up?

    2. I would, despite my youth, but I also remember connecting to things at 300 baud with the Commidore 64 that I apparent used to teeth on. O.o

      For a while after IM started I would end conversations with +++ath0 until I realized how few people understood what that meant.

        1. C= 64 Games

          Ahhh… Commidore games. I loved Red Storm Rising. Great little submarine combat game. And I loved (much to my parent’s dismay) Radar Rat Race. I still think back on the excellent music associated with that game… The bleeps and insanely paced “Three Blind Mice”. Was great. ^_^

      1. Eh, I remember when that Bruce Lee game was out, and I’d go multiplayer with a friend as the fat guy in the green suit. 😀

        Anyone remember games like the original Oregon Trail for Apple II? Now that was gaming, especially if you lost a wagon or two while fording a river… or lost everyone halfway in, because you didn’t have enough food or ammo to make it through.

        1. And, of course, all the kids would get cholera. I remember that game. And two-header “Bruce Lee.” Wonder if that was even licensed? I also remember “Space Taxi,” and a bunch of others. Man…

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