Almost done…

Last night was the post-summit dinner, and it ran way too late. This morning I checked out of the hotel, had Erno drive me to Capelle (which, as it turns out, is completely surrounded by Rotterdam), and met with our support folk in Capelle. I’ve not had as good a time talking with tech support guys as I had with these dudes. Maybe it’s because I was pretty unhinged after being in “controlled release of information” mode for three days. Maybe it’s because we all ganged up on the French. It seems that I’m not alone in my penchant for bashing the language-bigots who tried to shove a camera up my output port three years ago.

In just a few minutes Rob and I are heading over to Het Park to play a round of Disc golf. We’ll see how it goes. I’m bringing the camera. Hopefully I can get pictures posted before I leave Capelle for Amsterdam.


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      1. Indeed.

        Indeed. I didn’t know that when I talked to Rob about which park to go to. He said that “Het Park” was meaningless, and he went online to search for more details. When he finally said that “Het” was a definite article I realized how little information I’d actually given him at first.

        Turns out the park is right next to the Zoo. And if there’s more than one Zoo in Rotterdam, i’m screwed if I ever want to find the place again.


  1. You should stay home more!

    … or at least in the USA. You should … come to Albacon. And Genericon. Yeah, that’s the ticket. This has nothing to do with the fact that I live in the area. No, none at all.

    By the way… why is it, with the constant harping on the “soft target” of the “pet shop” owners, I am now expecting them to run into something like the “pet shop hunters” from “Plastic Little”?

    Sea Wasp

    1. Re: You should stay home more!

      I agree. Only by “stay home” I mean the sleep-in-his-own-bed kind of staying home, not the remaining inside the continental US kind.

      1. Re: You should stay home more!

        Well, aren’t you supposed to go WITH him wherever he goes? I mean, you’re not telling me you let him go running around unsupervised, do you?

        1. Re: You should stay home more!

          I’d rather let him go unsupervised than the kids. And taking 4 kids along on a business trip is very close to my definition of hell.

          1. Re: You should stay home more!

            I would think so, too. Though my wife’s attitude is that these days I’m rarely able to spend time with the family anyway, so if they come along to the convention at least they have SOME chance to see me….

          2. Re: You should stay home more!

            I’ll bet your kids are older than my kids. The very very last place I intend to take four demonstrators of brownian motion is a crowded convention hall.

            The time may come when business travel can be combined with family vacation on a regular basis. Not this year though.

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