As promised, photos of Aspen Grove

As promised in journal entries last week, I’m posting some before-and-after photos from the family vacation at Aspen Grove. This shows, among other things, why you don’t want to get caught on the mountain in a storm, even in summer.

Here’s a shot from next to the west-facing swing in the center of camp. You’re looking at Primrose Cirque, a glacier-carved half-bowl that rises to the point of Robert’s Horn in the center, and Elk Point to the left.

That was Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday evening the cirque looked a bit different, with the light failing and rain moving in. The white spots are water on the camera lens. I shot this just before heading down to the cabin for the night.

Now here’s the Thursday morning shot, taken just a few steps to the right of Wednesday night’s photo.

Amazing, no? And gorgeous, to boot. And that morning they served biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I was in heaven, I tell you. I went to bed to the sound of thunder, awoke to lofty snowscapes, and had the perfect breakfast.


8 thoughts on “As promised, photos of Aspen Grove”

  1. *whistles* sweeeeeet.

    The first time the whole family went out to Oregon (this was in, oh, 1999 or 2000, I think), we stopped at an overlook of the Columbia River Valley. It was incredibly beautiful. My mother cried.


  2. Thank you for posting those pictures. They are gorgeous. I have a friend moving to Utah for the military in a month or two and seeing those pictures makes me feel much better about the area I hear he’s going to. I’d heard vague things about mountains and trees before, but these pictures make it much more concrete. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Beautiful.
    My folks are retiring to the Provo area soon; this makes me want to ask them to include a couple of guestrooms in their new house… 😉

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