Today I learned that Delta upgraded me from Silver Medallion to Gold Medallion. This means that on flights where there is a first-class seat available, I can have it at no charge. I’ve also got four coupons for free beer, wine, cocktails, or headphones. So it looks like Howard the Mormon will be scoring four sets of headphones, and sitting in Coach because First Class is always full.

In other news, I just got word that I’ve been officially upgraded from “Featured Guest” to “Guest of Honor” at Linucon this October. I’m not sure what that entails, but it MAY mean that I get my very own handler. Or perhaps access to the super-secret ConStash of GoH-Goodies. W007!!1!111.

(I’m sure they’ll revoke my GoH status as soon as they discover my 1337 exclamation. Sorry. I couldn’t h31p my531f).

11 thoughts on “Upgrades!”

  1. Wow, Howard… that’s some pretty sweet returns you’re scoring there.

    Are those drink tickets transferrable?

    And out of curiosity, how exactly does Delta upgrade you? Is it based on number of flights, or just a random thing?

    1. It’s completely random

      It’s completely random. They drew my name out of a hat, and decided that because I’ve already flown 50,000 miles this year I should get a fancy gold card and some coupons.

      (The above is true, except for the bit about randomness. Follow the link.)

      The drink tix probably ARE transferrable. Haven’t checked.


      1. Platinum

        Whatever you do, don’t achieve platinum. The free perks are probably really cool, but from my point of view, really expensive.

  2. What, if First Class is full they don’t let you sit in the cockpit?

    Then you could tell the copilot that he doesn’t hustle on defense.

  3. But do you actually GET a medallion? You’d look funky AND fresh with a giant gold coin around your neck. If being Guest of Honor netted you a crown and a velvet cape, that’d just complete the ensemble.

  4. Guest of Honor means that you’re one of the five main “super nifty guests”, worthy of having all your bills covered to show up.

    “Nifty Guest” would be a panelist that’s worthy of direct advertising mention on the web page, as well as the program book.

    Took us a while to work out exactly how we were going to call anyone; that’s what we went for.


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