Looks like no boots… AGAIN

I arrived in Amsterdam at 8:30, and made my way through the terminal, passport control, baggage claim, and customs in just an hour. Erno was waiting to pick me up, and he hauled a very tired Howard from Amsterdam down to The Hague, roughly 40km to the southwest.

I bathed, changed clothes, and took a quick nap, and then hooked up with Eric from BrainStorm, who has been to the store in Amsterdam that sells New Rock boots. Unfortunately, we were both far too tired for a shopping adventure, so we wandered around a tiny slice of The Hague for an hour.

I doubt there will be another chance to get into Amsterdam. Oh well. It looks like my next opportunity will be late September in Las Vegas. On THAT trip I’ll have my car, the address of the store, and a city I’m fairly familiar with — all good conditions for a shopping trip.

Anyway, that recounting pretty much takes us to now, because after wandering around I took another nap, learned wireless was working, and came down to get my internet fix.


9 thoughts on “Looks like no boots… AGAIN”

  1. So I guess this means we get a grill? I’ve been imagining the joy of being able to cook without heating the whole house a lot lately. Not that boots aren’t really really cool. They just don’t cook anything.

    I hope you manage to shake the tired and the jet lag.

    1. What sort of grill are y’all looking at? They’re nice, the small BBQ-type ones, especially for when you don’t want to head outside into the rain or whatever. Or, in my case, snow. 😀

      Boots don’t taste very good when cooked either, but that’s another story. Hope y’all shake the jet-lag.

      1. Re: Grill?

        As a grill NUT (six inches of snow? No problem!) I concur. They’re good buy for the money, and you can still get parts for them, even the really old ones. I think mine’s about ten or twelve years old and still going strong.

  2. looking to buy a pair of New Rocks? i’ve heard nothing but good things about them from all my friends who own those big stompy things ^_^

  3. Why not..

    … just give someone your size and the style you’re looking for, and have them SHIP the boots, rather than have to travel halfway around the world just to get them? I buy stuff from Japan, but I sure wouldn’t if I actually had to GO to Japan to get it…

    1. Re: Why not..

      Boots must pass the “happy feet” test. Sizing, even within the same brand name, and sometimes within the same MODEL of boot is no guarantee that your feet will like being put in them. Thus my policy: Don’t buy a boot you’ve never had your feet in before.


  4. Out of curiosity, where in Vegas are you getting those boots? They looked remarkably cool, and I’m usually down there once every few months, I’d like to look into getting me a pair next time.

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