Online Comics Day!

Today, May 5th 2004, is Online Comics Day. Just like Christmas, it’s a day on which you get together with family and friends and exchange gifts, only instead of gifts you share webcomics. And instead of family and friends, you just sit in front of your computer. Oh, and there’s no mention of the Nativity, or Jesus. (You could argue that makes it MORE like Christmas these days, but I’ll save that tirade for later this year).

Click the link! Get out there and discover the world of webcomics! Sure, sure, you probably already read a few, and if you’re reading THIS message then you’ve already discovered my personal favorite webcomic (Schlock Mercenary is the kind of comic I wanted to read, which is why I created it) Fact is, there are thousands of webcomics out there, the vast majority of which are created by non-compensated people with a story to tell, an axe to grind, or a demon to exorcise, and if you’re up to the task you can find some first rate stuff.

You can also find enormous quantities of crap. That’s okay. The internet is like that. This isn’t news to you, right? I mean, you’re right there reading stuff in a web browser, right this minute, you’ve CERTAINLY used that same browser to access (deliberately or accidentally) some crap. Probably TODAY. Some would argue that you’re staring at a page full of it right now. I mean, I only wrote this text on Tuesday, and I didn’t really think all that hard about it. Nobody edited it. And don’t even get me started on the artwork up there. I mean really, is that supposed to be ME? And my WIFE? Yuck. I can’t believe I put my name on this stuff.

Maybe I should change my name.

Speaking of my name, it’s still attached to the OTHER comic I do, Uncool Solutions, and that site is ALSO participating in Online Comics Day, which I think is pretty darn cool, if you’ll forgive the pun.

So click over to Uncool Solutions, then check out the online comics available through the Online Comics Day Hub. Odds are good you’ll find something you like. And please be nice to the stuff you don’t. Crap has feelings too. (Squishy!)