Getting My Game On

I cranked out two weeks of strips in four days. Sadly, this was an act of necessity — the inked buffer had dropped into single digits (9) and it took me four days to bring that up to 20.

All that, and this morning it dropped to 19. I hate the way time just, you know… PASSES without asking permission or anything. Next thing you know I’ll be turning 40 and trying to put kids through college.

In the next seven weeks I have three weeks of travel scheduled. I’m hoping that for the next two weeks I can crank 14 strips per week… that’d put me at around 35 days ahead by the time I leave for Johannesburg, which would allow me to travel in a more relaxed frame of mind.

So… how are you liking this CSI parody I’m doing? I’d lke to think that Schlock fans who don’t watch the show still get to enjoy the strips. I’d also hope that CSI fans who read Schlock get some extra kicks. Email me and let me know, okay?

5 thoughts on “Getting My Game On”

  1. Well, I’m amused at all the different euphemisms you’ve found for vomiting.

    Schlock and Sluggy are my two favorite comics. I find the Schlock plots more humorous, but Sluggy is much faster paced (and I prefer that).

    1. Pacing

      Yeah, Pete packs a lot into each strip, and does far more with Sundays than I do.

      The trade-off… “Meanwhile, In The Dimension of Pain” sucks rocks, and Pete’s late strips and periodic hiatuses drive me nuts. I tell ya, if I could do Schlock full-time, you’d get none of that crap from me.


      1. uh

        i don’t think we get periodic hiatusii/late strips – isn’t that what the buffer is for? (yet one more reason schlock is better than sluggy :))

        1. Re: uh

          Errr… My point being: Pete does Sluggy full-time, and yet still posts late, and sometimes posts filler. If I did Schlock full-time, the quality would go up significantly, and you’d still get no hiatuses nor fillers from me.

          My commitment to my readers has always been fresh Schlock every day forever, or until I die. It may be a hard line, but I’m sticking to it.

          1. ahh

            *nods*, i see your point.

            re: fresh schlock till you die – what, you think your readers won’t reanimate you in some shape or form just to keep the comic going? Not that we’d stoop so low as to clone you or anything in case of such an eventuality … 🙂

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