Boston on Monday

I’m flying into Logan airport on Monday at around 3pm, and then heading out to Waltham where I’ll be staying at the Westin Waltham on Third Avenue. Any Boston-area schlockers out there should feel free to email me, because I’ve got NOTHING TO DO Monday night. The way I figure it, even with a crummy commute from the airport to the hotel, I’ll be free by 7pm.

Tuesday I’m doing Novell-ish stuff (meetings. whee.) and then flying home, so Monday evening really is your only Bostonian chance to see me for the forseeable future.

In other news, this pair of posters from Penguicon has been selling pretty well.

I’d hate to relegate such a hot-ticket item to the Open Letter Archive without giving you folks another week to send me money.

They’re $5.00 each, or $8.00 for a pair, plus shipping. If you live outside of North America, there’ll be additional shipping charges — typically another $5 or so. Proceeds go to the lining of my pocket, once I’ve split them 50/50 with Jean Elmore, who makes the colors so pretty.

Bostonian schlockers should let me know before Sunday night if they want posters. I’m happy to save you a couple of bucks on shipping, but I need to know what I’m packing before I get on the plane.

3 thoughts on “Boston on Monday”

  1. Shadows

    The shadows and the position of the sun don’t quite make sense, unless that penguin is *very* slow at taking a couple of steps.

  2. Passage of time…

    You’re right. If we assume that the goober under Tux’s foot in the 2nd image is the GatesBorg seen in the first image, then Tux is walking really slowly.

    The pictures were not created as a 2-panel comic, however. They’re independent images. Tux walking into the sunset was too symbolically delightful to pass up, and the GatesBorg standing in the shadow of the foot was ALSO a requirement.

    If you’re going to pick nits, how about starting with the REALLY absurd stuff… GIANT PENGUIN STOMPS ANTARTIC CYBORG.


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