Creekside Disc Golf… GRRRR…

I had been looking forward to Friday afternoon for much of the week. I’d scheduled some time with guys at work to drive up to SLC (45 minutes north) to the Creekside Disc Golf Course in the Holladay township/city/precinct/whatever.

The course is pleasant enough. There’s shade, there are some tricky drives and some shots over water. My game was WAAAY off, though. I ended up at 13 over par, with an asterisk where I was 10 feet from the pin on the wrong side of a wall of trees and just gave up and called it five strokes. By the end of the game I was tired, upset, and ready to go home…

… and staring at a southbound Friday afternoon commute out of the Salt Lake Valley.

By the time I got home I’d decided to stop off at Albertson’s and buy a little can of Nesquik. I haven’t had that stuff in months — it’s addictive, and I worked really, really hard to kick that addiction, and I was in such a pissy mood after two hours of bad frisbee followed by another hour of lousy commute that I decided to binge.

Bad Howard.

The good news is that Randy is coming to town tomorrow, and he can help me finish the stuff off. I bought the LITTLE can, so between the two of us and the kids it won’t last long. Hopefully I won’t even go into withdrawals next week.


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  1. By the time I got home I’d decided to stop off at Albertson’s and buy a little can of Nesquik. I haven’t had that stuff in months — it’s addictive

    Is this the origin of Schlock’s Tub of Happiness?

    1. Nesquik flavor

      Chocolate. I use whole milk, and often add some malt powder.

      And right now my body is saying “GAAAAH WHERE’D ALL THIS SUGAR COME FROM.” I need to go drink some water and take a nap.

      –Howard “it’s not a tub of happiness… it’s a wee bucket of Hell” Tayler

  2. My Ovalquik addiction

    Yep, still addicted. Must be in the genes. My concoction is a mix of sugar free nesquik and regular Ovaltine. To help further rationalize it I use fat-free dry milk (cheaper that way, too). Even though I have it so it is actually somewhat good for me, I am still going through a gallon a day of this stuff. That can’t be good.

    So, Howard… how the heck did you get off this stuff???

    1. Re: My Ovalquik addiction

      So, Howard… how the heck did you get off this stuff???

      Sheer force of will, and three easy steps:

      1) Stop buying it.
      2) Stop looking at it in the store.
      3) Drink Diet Vanilla Pepsi instead.

      It was also important for me to recognize the signs that say “your body is better off without this crap.” The only time Nesquik makes me happy is when I’m actually drinking it. That’s classic addiction, right there.

      Funny thing: I get the same signs from Diet Vanilla Pepsi. Caffeine is a stronger addictor than theobromine (that’s the methylxanthine alkaloid in Nesquik — there’s no caffeine there, though theobromine is structurally VERY similar), but is NOT stronger than a mixture of theobromine and sugar, which has a metabolic kick on me like solid rocket fuel. Which in turn means that withdrawal from Diet Pepsi is easier than withdrawal from Nesquik. In fact, I’m NOT addicted to it — I can use Diet Pepsi “medicinally” to treat occasional symptoms, rather than needing to have some every day.

      That said, I think I need some RIGHT NOW.

      I could link you to the research on methylxanthine alkaloids (caffeine, theobromine, theophylline), but I’m too lazy.


      1. Re: My Ovalquik addiction

        That’s fine, I can google. I need to get a plan of attack on this. This is one of the big things that has control of my life. Who knows, you may have saved a life today. Thanks.

        1. Kicking your habit…

          Sounds like you’ve already removed some of the sugar from the mix. The Acesulfame Potassium in the sugar-free Nesquik has no punch at all to it. Thus, addicting yourself to diet soda INSTEAD will allow you to take some weight off.

          PICK A LOW-CAFFIENE SODA. Starting with Diet Dr. Pepper, or with 64-oz tankards of Diet Coke would be counter-productive.

          The other thing I did when kicking the Nesquik habit was switch to a low-carb diet and get lots of exercise. That made it much harder, though, because ALL my comfort foods were gone, rather than just the one.

          Good luck.

      1. Re: Nasty vs. Necessary

        Ah. Now that’s where you’re wrong.

        One of my addictions is Mello Yello. You can’t get it in California. I lived in California for 4 years. I found that adding pink grapefruit juice to Mountain Dew (which you can get in California) is an adequate subsitution.

        That being said, I don’t think there is an adequate substitution for different forms of a thing. Tea bags make a lousy cup of tea when you’ve gotten used to having loose leaf.

  3. Every single time…

    I pass Ovaltein and NesQuick in the store, ALL I can think of is OvalQuick… Usually the thought goes “Well, there’s the Ovaltien, and there’s the NesQuick… Where the hell do they put the OvalQuick???”

    The next thought is usually “Good God you’re a geek. That stuff isn’t real… Go home and read a book, because you really need to get a grip…”

  4. BTW, get Randy to fire up one of these live-journal thing-a-ma-boobs also. I want to know what his bad ass is up to also. Thanks…

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