4 thoughts on “SchlockTroops Community…”

  1. I’m astounded at how you can post
    With a friends-list much longer than most
    And after you’re done
    There are still comments: none
    Where the hell is the oft-madding host?

    ===|==============/ Level Head

    1. Never mind, the community’s active
      So I’d make a new motion, retractive
      Of my observation
      I’ll join your new nation
      It’s already been quite impactive. ];-)

      ===|==============/ Level Head

        1. Re: Poesy and Poecide

          I’ve looked and I suspect from what I’ve seen
          That I could not keep up with mighty flows
          Of comments from your Gang in Amorph Green
          It’s rather like the “drink from firehose”.

          And yet, I’d follow here, if you don’t mind
          I wish you well and much enjoy your work
          I’m also quite a bit SF inclined
          And treat myself to Schlock M as a perk.

          ===|==============/ Level Head

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