Much better…

Had a nap, slept off the sugar-crash. It was a good nap. It put the agonizing disc-golf-plus-long-commute into the “yesterday” category, where I no longer need to care about it. I headed downstairs, scanned all of this week’s artwork, while bantering with the #schlock_mercenary crowd at I touched up the scripts I need to draw today and tomorrow, and began pencilling.

I got interrupted a couple of times — Sandra hauled the youngest downstairs for his goodnight ritual with Daddy. Mostly it involves sitting in my lap dancing to whatever I’ve got playing. This time it was “Whisper” by Evanescence. Then the 3-year-old came down and sat on my lap for HER goodnight ritual — sitting in my lap and watching the Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Just so you know, I won’t be using the kids’ names in public journal entries. Sandra and I can choose a life of relative celebrity, but the kids aren’t old enough to make that choice yet. If I refer to them as #1, or #3, you’ll just have to piece it together and know that it only happens that way in public. At home they have real names, not numbers (unless they’ve been naughty.)

And now, back to work.

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      1. Recently I was plagued by migraines and my doctor gave me a great medicine that’s a daily preventative… I’ve been on it for 2 months and no more migraines, heck no headaches of any sort. I don’t even have to be on the pill daily anymore it’s called Verapamil (sp?) the only thing you should be aware of is that it was made for people with high blood pressure so ask your doctor about it. He also gave me Imitrex which is to be used to abort a migraine when you feel it coming on, haven’t had cause to use it yet.

        Rich 🙂

  1. and I refer to our daughters by their nicknames when we talk about them on-line.

    The Silly Goose, The Dread Pirate BigNum, and Wen the Eternally Surprised.

      1. Okay, so Sandra was right there in the room with me when I typed that. She read it and started to laugh. Then she said I’m weird.

        I might want to shorten “Uruk-honk” to just “Uruk.” Or maybe “Orc.” Oh, and Gleeeek, monkey though she may be, might be better represented as “Sugar Smack.”

        Patches is definitely right for the youngest, though.

          1. Oh we had much more trouble coming up with their given names.

            Goose is silly like Mother Goose Rhymes. Pirate would AAARRRRRRRR! before she would latch on and nurse. The BigNum part of her nick is a geek joke. Wen the Eternally Suprised still looks suprised at most things and she’s done some very interesting things we can only attribute to History Monk-fu.

          2. My dear darling, you’re silly. I guess you didn’t immediately think Nimtiz when you saw the Gleeek? (Course, I thought Nimtiz because Gleeek immediately morphed to Bleeek.)

  2. Migraines

    Feverfew is a good herb for migraines. You take a little bit everyday like a vitamin and it reduces the number and intensity of migraines. For some people it gets rid of them altogether.

    Don’d mind me, just a wandering Schlock fan.

  3. Just so long as…

    I refer to them as #1, or #3, you’ll just have to piece it together and know that it only happens that way in public.

    Just so long as you don’t start calling one of them “Blanket”, or making them wear silly masks in public, or dangle one over a balcony…

    Unless they have information you need… A story-plus inverted hang often loosens the most stuborn tounges…



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