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Hey, there’s something coming up that I want to tell you about!

Everything Except the Pictures

This has been WAAAY too long coming, I know.

The Unofficial Anecdotal History of Challenge Coins needed two things from me: An introduction, and some illustrations. Both jobs seemed simple enough, but I’ve been hung up on the words for over a year now. In January of 2014 I wrote an introduction that was all over the map, and wrong, and I lost hope (and then track of time) for quite a while.

This morning I realized what the problem was. I was trying to use my own challenge coin story as an introduction, and that was artificially inflating my story’s importance. It was ego-bloat, and this document is not the place for that.

The solution? I wrote an introduction that serves as an introduction. It’s not a story, though it’s got story stuff in it. It is written to properly introduce the stories that follow.

And THEN I went ahead and told my story, which will get tucked into the meaty parts of the PDF along with everybody else’s account. So you get to hear from me twice. After this long of a wait, it seems like the least I can do.

Both of my documents have been handed off to Sandra for editing, which means that everything this document needs from me has been delivered, except the pictures. And those are what I’m sitting down to work on next.

I get to draw an elephant!

The Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter will launch on April 14th


Alan and I met with Sandra on Friday and checked on the alignment of the ducks. There were several duck-vectors to be scrutinized, but in our assessment, those ducks will all be in a row by April 14th.

So that’s when we’re launching the Kickstarter.

For more information on the Planet Mercenary RPG, check our development blog at The image above is available over there as a wallpaper.

Redshirts Expansion, Now With 100% More Me!

My friend Jonathan “Skippy” Schwartz is Kickstarting the expansion to his super-successful Redshirts card game, and I’ll just show you my favorite card now before saying anything else.

RedshirtHowardRedshirts has a great game mechanic. The object is to kill off your own crew members. If they actually succeed in their missions and return healthy, you’ve clearly done something wrong. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s pretty easy to pick up. David Reddick’s art is perfect for it, and I’ve been led to understand that in this expansion I’m not the only creator of things to be garbed in ominous red and sent doomward repeatedly.

Check it out, folks.

LTUE 2015: My Busy Schedule

I’ll be at LTUE this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the Provo Marriott.  I’m doing quite a bit of programming, and I’ll also have a table there. It’s not a huge event, though (between 1500 and 2,000 attendees), so I should be pretty easy to find. That said, here’s my schedule:

  • 10am: Writing and Mental Health: Howard Tayler, David Powers King
  • 12pm:  Comic Books: Writing vs Art: Maxwell Drake, Brittany Heiner, Howard Tayler, James A. Owen, Jess Smart Smiley
  • 3pm: Living with mental illness: James A. Owen, Bryan Beus, Bobbie Berendson W., Jennifer Wardell, Howard Tayler
  • 5pm: The Artistic Road to Fame: Bill Galvan, Bryan Beus, Jessica Douglas, Aneeka Richins, Howard Tayler
  • 9am: Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett– Making Fun of the Apocalypse: Howard Tayler, Jenniffer Wardell, Candace Thomas, Mikki Kells, Daniel Coleman
  • 11am: Rules for Writing Magic: Michaelbrent Collings, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Eric James Stone, Howard Tayler Eric Swedin
  • 12pm: Martian ‘r’ Us: Howard Tayler, Aaron Johnston, Derrick Dalton, Renee Collins, David Baxter
  • 5pm: The Culture of Immortality: Howard Tayler, Tracy Hickman, Virginia Baker, Paul Genesse
  • 9am: Practice Trumps Talent: Howard Tayler
  • 12pm: Schlock Mercenary: RPG Creation: Howard Tayler, Alan Bahr, Steven Diamond, Alicia McIntire
  • 3pm: Putting Technology Ramifications into your World Building: L.E. Modesitt Jr., Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, Roger White, W. Daniel Willis
  • 5pm: Character Redesign: Keliana Tayler, Jess Smart Smiley, Bill Galvan, Howard Tayler