“How to Write Funny,” this Saturday

This Saturday, May 26th, I’ll be teaching an online workshop called “How to Write Funny.” The focus of the class will be how to refine and improve your written humor using some very intuitive techniques.

Being “born funny” is absolutely not required. It helps a little, but understanding these techniques will make your written humor better. You’ll also be better equipped to troubleshoot jokes that aren’t working, whether they don’t fit the tone of the rest of the piece, or because for some reason they’re just not coming across funny.

We’ll explore these techniques by looking at examples, both good and bad, and by applying the tools to some of these examples to see how things can be improved.

The class is $99, and it’s a class, not a comedy routine. Funny things will certainly be said, but only so we can take them apart and re-assemble them to be funnier than before.

NOTE: we are only recording this workshop for the use of the students at the streamed session, and seating is limited.