Business Meeting in Bed

Sandra and I will often end our day with a quick discussion of what’s on the docket for the next day. Last night was typical.


SANDRA: “After I get the kids off to school I need to ship some packages, and do layout work.”

ME: “Aren’t you driving to get Keliana?”

SANDRA: “That’s at 2:30. So… shipping, layout, lunch, and then I’m driving”

ME: “Okay. My day… I’ll start by staggering around the house mumbling about the migraine alarm. I’ll  shamble into and back out of the kitchen without taking my meds until my head clears and I DO take my meds.”

SANDRA: *rolls eyes silently in the dark*

ME: *can totally hear Sandra rolling her eyes silently in the dark.*

ME: “At some point I’ll fall toward the shower, and fall back out clean. Eventually I’ll end up wearing trousers in my office, and I guess I’ll draw stuff until I can’t draw any more stuff.”

SANDRA: “Cool. Let me know if you need help with the shambling part. We don’t want you spending too much time checking that one off the list.”


I’m happy to report that the shambling got done quickly, so I snuck a blog post in between shambling and the shower.