Last Chance to Register to Nominate for the Hugos

If you’re not already registered for WorldCon, and you want to participate in the Hugo Award nomination and voting process, you must register by Saturday, January 31st. That’s coming right up.

If you’re interested in nominating projects of mine for the ballot, here’s a list of what I did in 2014, and the categories in which those projects are eligible for nomination:

Graphic Story
Short Story
Related Work

Whether or not you think any of these are worthy of nomination, the nomination process is something you can be involved in. If you love genre fiction, and want to see honor done by your favorite things, get registered and fill out your ballot!

The registration deadline is January 31st. The nominations close on March 10th, 2015. The final ballot should appear by the end of April, and the voting on that ballot will likely close at the end of July. Winners and full results will be announced at WorldCon in Spokane Washington, on August 22nd of 2015. More information is available at