Schlock Mercenary emergency backup update for Tuesday, June 3rd

Here’s Tuesday’s comic.

It looks like the regular server will be back online sometime tonight. If you still get directed to the “Emergency Backup Page” it’s possible you have DNS issues. I’ll definitely be posting in here once the main server is back in business.

Thanks for your patience. I know a few of you have been going into archive withdrawal. That can be mitigated in the future with the purchase of books, but I shan’t nag. Besides, I need to get more books in print, and I’d rather not have you nagging ME.

Thanks again, everybody!

16 thoughts on “Schlock Mercenary emergency backup update for Tuesday, June 3rd”

  1. It looks like the main site is back online, and my backup image location is now invalid. I’ve edited the post to reflect this.

    If you STILL can’t see the comic, it’s because your DNS is not pointing to the right place. Time to flush the DNS cache. This can be done by restarting your machine, or (in Windows anyway) going to a command prompt (RUN CMD.EXE) and typing “IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS” (without the quotes.)

    It’s good to be back!

    1. hmm, nope, no workie. Got a “succefully” something or other message, still not showing. Thanks for trying tho. Will check it from work in the morning 🙂

      1. In that case, your DNS provider hasn’t honored the TTL, and is still caching the old location. Nothin’ I can do ’bout that. I’m afraid you’re stuck waiting it out.

  2. I just saw the message on the temporary page. In case you want to update the info there, to reset the DNS cache on a Mac you go to the terminal and enter:
    sudo dscacheutil -flushcache
    You need to be logged in as an administrator user and it will ask for your password.

    1. The temporary fix worked well enough for me to see the comic, hurrah!

      I’ve got some obvious OCD cargo unloading stats that I couldn’t help mentioning, having just red ‘The Box’ by Marc Levinson (‘How the Shipping Continer Made the World Smaller and the Global Economy Bigger’). The standard maximum net weight for a 40′ cargo container (currently world standard) is 26,500kg. My back of the enevelope, calc.exe style analsys tells me that the 6.6 millions pounds of cargo would take eighty days to unload using current technology (which basically boils down to one enormous container a minute). If the entire load has to be broken in breakbulk, 300kg shipping cases, placed onto pallets by the one crewmember capable of doing so, and then distributed by pallet jack (albeit one with fiddly bits) its going to take Way Way longer.

      Just carping because I care.
      -Fair Horace

      1. But there are 2 crew members doing the catch-and stack, and we don’t know if any of the other crew are armored and doing the catch and stack.

        Interesting calculations though.

  3. Someone with an account there please send a message to ThePlanet staff: Your outage updates and audio blogs are all fine and dandy, but the old rule still applies:

    “This thread is worthless without PICTURES!”

    How blowed up was it? Just plain Gud, or Reel Gud?

    —< < Bruce >>–

  4. I just read the message from the fellow who can’t get Schlock in China, and found it strange. I was in China less than a year ago and though I fell behind on most of my comics, Schlock was one of the few I checked at least once a week, and I never had any trouble. I can’t imagine what might have made the difference.

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