19 thoughts on “EV1 datacenter still down, here’s Monday’s update a little early”

  1. Thanks…..

    ….for keeping the strip alive. I was wondering what had happened when the 404 error came up in Firefox. (For those of you who don’t know what that is, go see mine: http://www.ketira.net/ack -and mouseover the image for a bit of comedy! Howard, yowl if you want me to make you one of those.)

    Is it too late for me to ask you about changing webhosts? :> No offense meant, just me being my usual curious self. 😀

    1. Re: Thanks…..

      A custom 404 wouldn’t have helped in this case, what with the datacenter being on fire. And no, I don’t need to change webhosts. This is the first outtage I’ve had with these guys in four years, and they’ve been very transparent and helpful through the whole crisis. I’m staying with EV1.

      1. Re: Thanks…..

        Howard, I admire your loyalty. It is amazing how many people would dump a hosting company like a hot rock over something they have no control over.

        1. Re: Thanks…..

          Howard: I know what you mean; that’s why I’m sticking by mine (DreamHost) too. There was one outage last year, but not even *they* could do anything until the power came back up.

          mrmeval, that’s cute, but I bet it requires a bit of coding! Programmer, I am not; I leave that stuff to my next-eldest bro. I’ve done some HTML, but I need to go through the book again….

  2. gah so close

    I must be the only negative person out here because I think we just missed our only chance to possibly have a super late/missed update.

      1. Re: gah so close

        True I’m sure that as long as you have a laptop with cellphone access we would somehow get our schlock fix. although Live Journal might hate you

        1. Re: gah so close

          I’d loan him my Thinkpad Pentium 90 laptop with 32megs and a 340 meg harddrive!!!!

          It actually can handle about 30 requests a minute for just one standard comic graphic with no other goodies. 😉

          No, really. It was my picture server.

          Now I have a a rack mount one. It uses a Pentium with the F00F bug, has 32 meg ram but a WHOLE 4gig drive! And I managed to salvage a network card from like the 80s, had to cut the mold mullet off though. Too tacky.

  3. I’m working these days at a hosting company that uses The Planet as our datacenters. Fortunately the vast majority of our servers are in the Dallas centers, we had less than 200 servers affected by this problem. Out of over 9000 servers The Planet has at that center. Phwew. I’ve heard that no one was hurt by the incident, and no actual servers were damaged, just the power and some network systems.

    Anyway, the last update I heard is that they hope to get the second floor of the center up and running anytime now (they were planning to start powering up the support system a couple of hours back). The servers on the first floor are another issue, as that floor is pretty much unusable until they do some major work down there. Many will be moved upstairs, some others will be shipped to other datacenters … not sure how it’s all going to work out. If you’re one of the unlucky ones down there it may last a bit longer than just tonight.

    Hopefully you’re upstairs, though. *knock on wood* I miss my BLC.

  4. I’d just like to say that you have handled this situation very well. I’m impressed, and if I weren’t broke you would be one of the online artists I would give money to.

  5. praise for

    posting inder duress.

    However Mondays strip content: Mercenaries unaware of basic physics probably have a very short life expectancy. Mass vs. Inertia
    Weight is not mass. ( even if in day to day usage on earth surface we may use the same units – sloppily).
    If one is moving mass in space one still has to overcome INERTIA for starting and stopping them.

    Equivalent on Earth-surface: you can push your car to speeds of several miles an hour : stopping it superman-like by standing in front may turn out unhealthy.

  6. Well, this alleviates the remainder of my withdrawl symptoms.

    I say remainder, because this morning, I was quite delighted to have my shiny new books and t-shirts delivered. I’ve never had the postal service come by so early before, though. I didn’t even know that postal workers *worked* at 7:30am.

    In related news, I’ve never had to answer the door dressed only in suds and a towel. Nor have I ever before tried to juggle a towel, a box, one of those signature machines they use, and the money to pay the customs fees (since I’m in Canada.)

    Surprisingly, I managed to handle all of that without flashing the postal worker. Or my landlady who was outside. Or the cab driver who was parked waiting there. Or my landlady’s mother, who was getting into the cab. Or the yard workers who were working on the lawn.

    I had an interesting morning. >.>

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